Your Digital Transformation Checklist

Transforming your estate with Azure Virtual Desktop could hold the key to business growth.

Azure Virtual Desktop

2020 was a challenging year for the global business community. However, many forward-looking business leaders will be using the lessons of the last 12 months to shape and align their business as best as they can with potential growth opportunities.

One of the best ways they can do this is by embarking on a digital transformation project to build their digital infrastructure back better.

Why does digital IT transformation matter?

Those businesses that had already embraced technology fared better during the pandemic. There’s no doubt that those that are using technology to augment their workforce and operations, will be better prepared to maximise growth opportunities in the post-pandemic era. A digital overhaul will help businesses in several ways to gain advantages over their competitors.

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Digital transformation might be right for your business if you care about one or more of the following:

  • Achieving a deeper understanding of customer needs based on real time data and intelligence.
  • The ability to scale-up and down operations as demand in the market requires.
  • An ability to pivot quickly to meet new market opportunities that sit outside of traditional business operations.
  • A need to keep the skills and talent that will help drive the business for years to come.
  • The ability to fully embrace a remote working culture whilst increasing productivity and creativity among the workforce.
  • Strengthening your digital security and compliance as tech infrastructure transcends the perimeter of the traditional on-site office environment.
  • Greater control of cost and a switch to OPEX models where possible to boost the business bottom line and market mobility.

What do the building blocks of a better digital infrastructure look like?

Taking it to the Cloud

In short, cloud technology should form the bedrock for any digital transformation project. When it comes to cloud-based platforms, Microsoft Azure has three decades of experience in serving enterprise clients and is one of very few market leaders. Interestingly, it’s the preferred platform of 95% of Fortune 500 listed companies.

As a Microsoft Azure user you’ll get:

Server free zone

By adopting a cloud solution you can minimise or get rid of on-site servers and hardware – this reducing the need to spend money on maintenance and servicing of legacy infrastructure.


Full scalability of your IT infrastructure in an instant whether dealing with peak trading periods or looking to scale down one off operations. This means you’ll never have to pay for storage and computing power that you’re not using.

Unparalleled security

Microsoft Azure offers full data protection via advanced encryption processes. There is also the option to make use of Microsoft’s data centres via the platform, which are kitted out with two-tier authentication, proxy card access readers and even biometric scanners.

Full compliance navigation

Data regulations such as GDPR can be complex and time consuming for organisations to navigate. However, Microsoft Azure users can take advantage of its built-in compliance tools, configuration management features and guidance resources.

The right tools

Organisations can set about developing their own custom web apps using Microsoft Azure's state of the art programming and applications it hosts. This provides businesses with the tools to create next generation digital products and services, whilst increasing time and cost efficiencies.

Pay and go

As well as scalability, organisations of all shapes and sizes can pick and choose the Microsoft Azure services and apps they want to use and pay for.

Creating a hybrid working environment

Remote working has been one of the major legacies of the global pandemic and is one that is largely underpinned by a cloud based digital infrastructure. As remote working has been essential during the pandemic, hybrid working environments are going to be essential in ensuring workforces retain flexibility – something that’s been proven to boost performance and productivity.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), which operates off Microsoft Azure, offers organisations a cost effective, agile and scalable way to provide their workforce with the tools and services they’ll need.

Using Windows Virtual Desktop will mean that your organisation can take advantage of features including:

Simplified management

Access from anywhere

Cost savings

Computing power

How do I start my transformation?

As a Microsoft Partner with nearly 20 years’ experience, DSP-Explorer is among a group of specialist IT service providers that have the knowledge and insight to equip your organisation with the IT solutions and configurations it needs to scale quickly and effectively.

Azure Virtual Desktop

AVD provides access to a fully personalised desktop for flexible, secure remote working.

Flexible Remote Working Solutions

Azure Virtual Desktop can aid the business challenges of an uncertain global market.

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Azure Virtual Desktop

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