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Azure Virtual Desktop can aid the business challenges of an uncertain global market.

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The value of remote working.

The last 12 months have been extremely challenging for business leaders. The pandemic has provided a stress test like no other, with many organisations being forced to rethink their remote working capabilities.

Key to the success of many businesses during this crucial time has been their ability to utilise and adapt technology to tune into the changing needs of customers and employees and provide a degree of business continuity. Aspirational businesses and their leaders will be looking to learn the lessons of 2020 in order to future proof and equip their business better for a future event of this magnitude.

Businesses that prioritise longevity and growth will need to move beyond the quick tech fixes of the last year; they will need to redouble their commitment to investing in robust IT infrastructures in order to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s market.

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Creating the hybrid working environment of tomorrow

As well as underpinning the very essence of modern IT infrastructures, cloud computing can open up greater flexibility for businesses – particularly when it comes to supporting remote or hybrid working models.

The provision of Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) for employees is becoming a growing trend among global employers, as it allows workforces to work from anywhere and from any device. Remote working has been one of the major legacies of the global pandemic and is one that is likely to be an ongoing trend that employers need to embrace to ensure retention of skilled employees.

There are also clear business benefits to the hybrid model of working:

  • Increased productivity among a workforce that can work from anywhere at anytime.
  • Higher levels of job satisfaction and reduced levels of burnout and psychological stress.
  • Greater time and cost efficiencies for businesses.
  • Increased staff retention and engagement.

Strategic challenges

  • A deep understanding of customer needs, based on real-time data and intelligence
  • Flexibility to scale up and down operations in response to market demand
  • The ability to pivot quickly to meet new market opportunities that sit outside of traditional business operations
  • The need to retain the skills and talent that will help drive the business for years to come
  • The ability to fully embrace a remote working culture, whilst increasing productivity and creativity among the workforce
  • The redoubling of digital security and compliance as tech infrastructure transcends the perimeter of the traditional on-site office environment
  • An increased sensitivity to cost and possible movement to OPEX models, which could boost the business bottom line and market mobility

Azure Virtual Desktop solutions

The adoption of cloud technology is set to become a central pillar of digital transformations in the next few years, given its ability to instil scalability, agility and flexibility in business processes.

Whether your cloud offering is public, private, or hybrid, the technology is malleable enough to provide your business with the IT infrastructure needed to meet key challenges.

When it comes to cloud-based platforms, Microsoft Azure has three decades of experience in serving enterprise clients and is one of very few market leaders. It is incidentally the preferred platform of 95% of Fortune 500 listed companies.

"Worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 18.4% in 2021 to a total of $304.9 billion."

Gartner | Newsroom

Azure has become synonymous with cloud computing given its key features, including:

Azure networking

This feature allows companies to develop bespoke private networks, whilst giving them the capabilities and advantage of the cloud via Azure.

Azure storage

Gives access to a Microsoft Virtual Datacenter which can provide companies with agile connectivity and scalable infrastructure, eliminating the need for on-premises hardware.

Azure Backup

Simplifies data recovery, allowing users to back up virtual machines, SQL workloads and on-premises VMware with a single click.

Azure compute

Allows organisations to create microservices, scalable cloud applications and APIs in-house.

Azure Analytics

Supports business decision-making through advanced analytics services, which offer real time insight.

Azure Disaster Recovery

Keep vital applications running during planned and unplanned outages through its built-in disaster recovery tools. Users can replicate, failover and recover processes as needed, while also minimising downtime by sequencing multi-tier applications running on multiple virtual machines.

The business benefits of Microsoft Azure

The business benefits of adopting the cloud computing capabilities of Azure are endless.

Scale-up or down
on demand

Why pay over the odds for IT infrastructure that isn’t being used? Azure’s public cloud framework allows organisations to immediately dial up and down their storage and computing power aligned to business peaks and troughs. The platform is designed to scale alongside your needs, so you’ll only ever pay for what you’ve used.

Server free zone

By adopting a cloud solution you can minimise or get rid of on-site servers and hardware – this reducing the need to spend money on maintenance and servicing of legacy infrastructure. However, if for compliance reasons you need to keep some onsite infrastructure, you can easily create a hybrid cloud service using Azure’s networking capabilities.

Pay and go

As well as scalability, organisations of all shapes and sizes can pick and choose the Azure services and apps they want to use and pay for. Again, this helps to reduce unnecessary IT spend – a huge plus for your business’ bottom line.

Global scale and availability

For organisations operating across different
geographies, Azure is able to provide a high level of availability. The platform is available in 55 regions and 140 countries worldwide.

The right tools

Using Azure, organisations can set about developing their own custom web apps given the tools and programming languages that the platform can accommodate. This provides businesses with the tools to create next generation digital products and services, whilst increasing time and cost efficiencies.

Unparalleled security

Azure offers full data protection via advanced encryption processes. There is also the option to make use of Microsoft’s data centres via the platform, which are kitted out with two-tier authentication, proxy card access readers and even biometric scanners. As a result, you’ll have the peace of mind that all sensitive data and information is protected from malicious cyber threats.

Full compliance navigation

Data regulations such as GDPR can be complex and time consuming for organisations to navigate. However, Azure users can take advantage of its built-in compliance tools, configuration management features and guidance resources.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Best in class VDI for your business.

Azure Virtual Desktop offers organisations a cost effective, agile and scalable way to provide their workforce with the tools and services they’ll need. However, the solution isn’t just about providing employees with a way of working remotely. It also offers businesses as a whole:

Modern remote experience

Optimised costs

Simplified management

It is well within the reach of your business to increase flexibility and improve performance using the very latest in tech solutions, and our expert technical team are here to help.

In fact, it’s more important than ever before for organisations to carefully plot their digital future to get the best from an ever-evolving digital age. An investment in a robust digital transformation should be treated like any other vital acquisition – it should be carefully thought out and tailored to match your business requirements.

We recommend beginning your move towards remote working with a consultation to ensure your digital vision can be delivered as effectively and efficiently as possible. As a Microsoft Partner with nearly 20 years' experience, we are a specialist IT service provider with the knowledge and insight to equip your organisation to scale quickly and effectively.

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