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Industry: Travel & Transport (Rail Operator)

Oracle Cloud Deployment for C2C Rail Limited


Read how DSP implemented a PaaS service solution in Oracle Cloud for C2C, resulting in the rapid deployment of TVMs that met franchise requirements.

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Rail franchise operator ‘Coast 2 Coast’ (C2C) holds its place as one of the UK's most popular and punctual commuter operators. Its history spans 170 years under various monikers, but C2C's customer-first mentality is still first and foremost.

C2C required new Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) technology to keep up with franchise commitments.  However, their preferred TVM vendor, Parkeon, required Oracle technology for deployment. Therefore, they chose DSP to help both them and Parkeon build a PaaS service solution in Oracle Cloud.


The Challenge

The main challenges for C2C were hardware and security-driven:

  • The rail company had not budgeted for additional hardware requirements for the deployment of the technologies involved
  • Traditional Managed Hosting solutions were not suitable for data residency or the level of security that C2C required
  • The move to Oracle alongside budget and hardware considerations required the expertise of a company familiar with the Oracle Cloud Portfolio. 

As a result, C2C Rail chose to work with trusted Oracle Partner DSP to plan their move into an Oracle environment, and how best to handle such a large-scale operation.

The Solution

DSP implemented a PaaS service solution in Oracle Cloud. PaaS services integrated with the onsite TVMs.

DSP helped C2C and Parkeon build the solution as a PaaS service in Oracle Cloud. The service included Oracle database and application server PaaS services integrated with the onsite TVMs, so C2C could use their preferred TVM provider without excessive new hardware costs.

The Result

  • Rapid deployment of TVMs that met franchise requirements
  • Low cost, predictable scalability options
  • Ongoing management

The design DSP provided allowed for more TVMs across more stations in a low cost, predictable way. The project moved rapidly from Proof of Concept to deployment and live TVMs, while staying in full consideration of franchise requirements.

Added Value

Scalability Options

Oracle has provided C2C with a solution that is low-cost, stable, secure and has predictable scalability options allowing for more TVMs.

Ongoing Management

DSP's management and support also ensured continuous availability and smooth integration with Parkeon's machines.


Why DSP?

  • We promise comprehensive coverage across all the Rail Franchises when providing database services across Oracle and SQL
  • Experience in Oracle Cloud
  • Our publicly verified ability across the Oracle Cloud Portfolio i.e. PaaS

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