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Data Platform Modernisation

1-2-1 Workshop

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Why Data Platform Modernisation?

As the role of data in enterprise organisations evolves, the IT infrastructure used to leverage it has to modernise as well. In the traditional model, data was centralised in a single data warehouse and used by a few in-house experts. Now, as new ERP, CRM, LOB and other applications are developed and rolled out, the role of data is transforming, and the importance of gaining insights from these sources is unmistakable.

Simply put, the flood of data coming from social media, web, and IoT sources has transformed the data handling requirements of modern business, and IT needs to evolve along with it.

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Data Platform Modernisation

Free 1/2 day Workshop

The workshop is flexible and customised to your requirements. Below is a sample of what we can cover:

Review of Project Objectives

Formalised Technical Requirements

Company Architecture Standards

  • Review of Project Objectives
  • Business Requirements
  • + other items
  • Application requirements
  • Architecture tiers
  • RPO/RTO requirements
  • Software licensing
  • + other items
  • Reference Architecture
  • Guiding Principles
  • + other items

Overview of Existing Architecture

Project Nature

Architecture brainstorming

  • Production and pre-production servers
  • Application tier and database tier
  • + other items
  • Key milestone dates/constraints
  • Testing (SIT, UAT)
  • Go live planning
  • + other items
  • Consider 1+ architecture alternatives
  • Architecture Diagrams
  • + other items

Why DSP?

DSP along with our key technology vendors (Oracle, Microsoft and AWS) offer proven approaches to modernisation projects. We ensure rapid delivery at minimum risk while maximising the value returned to your business, in terms of enhanced capability at low cost.

Our workshop offers the opportunity to learn from experienced and renowned experts in the industry. Providing real examples of how customers within your industry have achieved significant cost savings, and enhanced business outcomes.

The session will start by looking at the roadmap for either:

  • Oracle Database in Oracle Cloud
  • SQL Server in Azure
  • AWS options

Before moving onto the business case for data platform modernisation.


As a follow-up, we can take you through a survey to learn more about your environment. From this, a business case for Data Platform Modernisation will be created specific to your business.

We’ll take 1⁄2 a day to understand your environment, and from there will create an internal business case to understand your roadmap, review your IT estate, and help to define where you need to be headed.


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