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Data-driven solutions for the Legal Sector

Prepare your estate to embrace data-driven solutions and take the first step towards data-driven solutions that meet your business goals.

Legal Campaign - Data-Driven solutions
Legal Campaign - Data-Driven solutions

The first step to data-driven business success.

Previously a slow adopter of data-driven technologies, the legal sector has in recent months picked up its pace with an ascent into the world of data optimisation and automated solutions.

Investing in data-driven solutions could help to protect and utilise law firms' data, and offer innovative ways of meeting business goals. However, while it is generally agreed that a transition into implementing data-driven solutions is vital to the legal industry, many organisations are unsure where to begin.

Consolidation of your current estate is the most important step in becoming a data-driven firm. Modernisation cannot begin until you have reached data maturity; this means understand what you're working with, where it is kept, and how both your data and your wider estate can be developed to maximise efficiency.


Why DSP-Explorer?

Our expert team can set you on the right track to benefitting from data-driven processes. By collating the layout of your estate, identifying hinderances such as legacy and under-performing applications, and architecting a plan to maximise its agility and efficiency, we can prepare you to dive into the world of data-driven business decisions.

We deliver a bespoke, pro-active service across our customer base and aim to implement continuous database optimisation and availability through our industry leading solutions.

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The benefits of data-driven solutions:

In order to plan data-driven solutions to suit your business requirements, law firms must take stock of their estate and get it up to scratch. The steps go as follows: Consolidate. Modernise. Benefit.

  • Protect and utilise your data. For efficient use, valuable data needs to be both secure and retrievable.
  • Comprehensive data analysis. The legal sector records masses of data, all of which should be organised for optimal efficiency.
  • Scalable, intelligent solutions. Be prepared for fluctuations in workload, where this be seasonal or in response to industry changes.

Steps towards consolidation

Health Checks are vital to keeping your system fast and secure: regular health checks can show up recurring errors, or highlight outdated applications before they manifest what could be larger issues.

Through our fully automated checks, our benchmarking capabilities, and our transparent reporting system, you can trust DSP-Explore to find and fix small issues within your system before they become the stuff of IT nightmares. 

Highly performant systems depend on clever design; good implementation; defined performance objectives; and continuous monitoring.

Our highly certified SQL Server experts are skilled at identifying performance objectives, communicating these to clients and providing recommendations together with a remedial action plan to alleviate or eliminate issues identified in order to ensure optical SQL Server performance. 

Optimising your data in one instance is a start, but it will not future-proof your estate. Only continuous consolidation of your data via intelligent solutions will ensure that your estate is making efficient use of your data pools for years to come. This can include database architecture design, data modelling, and data migration services.

Next steps: what comes after consolidation?

Below are just some of the options that will become available to you once your business is consolidated and ready to consider data-driven solutions:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

Plan and implement bespoke AI solutions t0 suit your business needs. These could:
  • Reduce operational costs within your business
  • Sort and utilise your data pot to make efficient use of your most vital asset
  • Mitigate risk of data fraud
  • Improve customer experience

Data Warehousing & Optimisation

Properly utilise your data for a more efficient use of time and resources.

  • Data quality management
  • Metadata management
  • Consolidation of multiple data types: structured unstructured, semi-structured, real-time, batch...
  • Data normalization, profiling, and cleansing

Bespoke Managed Service Offerings

Now you know your estate is up to scratch, it's time to look ahead. We can monitor the performance and availability of your estate so you never miss a trick in future.
We offer bespoke Managed Service support across multiple technologies, including SQL Server and Oracle Databases, and are committed to making your estate work for you.

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