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Industry: Energy

Oracle database support and Middleware licensing review for a distribution network operator


Read about how DSP's initiative saved time and money for a UK DNO by conducting a comprehensive review of their estate.

Oracle Software Asset Management


Our customer is a national electricity distributor who co-ordinate local electrical delivery, metering and substations, with responsibility for ensuring supply lines remain operational. They service large UK domestic and business energy suppliers and the collection of smart-meter data, used for billing purposes. Their industry performance and budgeting are strictly regulated by the energy regulator OFGEM.

To avoid non-compliance, which entails a considerable risk of expensive remediation if discovered during an audit by the vendor, DSP provided their expertise in Oracle software asset management


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Distribution Network Operator


The Challenge

Our customer required a comprehensive review of their licensing usage to prevent non-compliance, which carries a significant risk of expensive remediation if found to be non-compliant in an audit by the vendor. 

The Solution

DSP conducted a full and comprehensive analysis of the technology in use, its architecture and associated licensing position, alongside identifying any associated challenges.

This was carried out in a dual-phase process. The primary phase involved consultation with the customer on their planned architecture. This was followed by the second phase which delivered detailed recommendations on the design of computing and storage in relation to hypervisor technology including VLANs and LUN mapping to attain acceptable levels of isolation, in accordance with the vendor terms and conditions relating to soft-partitioning.

The Result

At the conclusion of this exercise, the Technical Architecture Manager leading the initiative commended DSP’s work and expressed his appreciation for the time and costs saved. It was estimated that this review had protected the organisation against a future £1 million+ bill for non-compliance from the software vendor.

Added value

Cost & risk reduction

The evaluation provided by DSP had shielded the company from a potential £1 million+ fine from the software vendor for non-compliance.

Improvement support

Post-review, DSP's team provided comprehensive recommendations on the design of computing and storage for the client.


Why DSP?

  • 1 of 4 accredited Oracle Partners in the UK to deliver certified Oracle Licensing support
  • A trusted and 'safe pair of hands' with the interests of our customers always coming first
  • Our Oracle SAM assessments are one of the most comprehensive in the UK

“DSP brings years of experience about decisions on what to do and not do... they really are true experts."


Distribution Network Operator





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