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Microsoft Azure
Industry: Software Development

EPoS Logic's migration from SQL Server to Microsoft Azure


Leading pharmaceutical supplier selects DSP to design and implement their migration to Microsoft Azure. 

SQL Server to Azure Migration
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EPoS Logic Solutions Limited is a UK-based software development company specialising in applications that provide ordering and retail systems to the pharmacies and healthcare sector. Their estate was based on Microsoft SQL Server, with their own applications developed in-house, but it was no longer suitable for the organisation's requirements. As a result, they selected DSP to migrate their estate to Microsoft Azure.


The Challenge

  • Their legacy data centre was no longer suitable for the business's needs
  • They needed a solution that would allow for scalability
  • EPoS was worried about whether their application would work with a newer technology

EPoS's desire to expand on their success in the UK and enter other geographic locations was hampered by the fact that it was reliant on a legacy datacentre which was no longer fit for purpose and did not allow for the scalability required.


The Solution

  • DSP decided that the best solution would be to migrate EPoS's estate to Microsoft Azure
  • We created a production environment
  • We also provided a managed service as part of the solution

As Microsoft was the native technology, EPoS was happy to remain with this vendor for their upgrade, but had concerns about the viability of their custom-made application with newer technology.

DSP specialists worked in partnership with the EPoS team to assess the various options available and decided upon the best approach. We then architected a hosted solution to migrate their estate to Microsoft Azure, which would allow them to scale into other geographies using the Azure global network of data centres.

After the EPoS in-house team was satisfied with the testing they carried out, we created a production environment.

During the transition, we also provided a managed service to troubleshoot problems with their environment until EPoS were ready to switch off the legacy datacentre.

The Result

  • A fast migration that is scalable and deployable in any Azure data centre
  • Versatility and expansion capability built into the new solution
  • EPoS can now set up in new geographies

Following a successful transition to Microsoft Azure, EPoS have an enterprise solution that is now scalable and deployable in any azure data centre globally. This will allow EPoS to enter new markets to expand their service offering. 

The new environment was successful and now EPoS can set up in new geographies to expand their service offering to generate new business with an enterprise solution which is now scalable and deployable in any azure data centre globally.

Added Value


In comparison to their previous environment, EPoS now has a scalable solution that allows them to set up in new geographies and expand their service offering in order to generate new business.

Managed Services

Following a successful migration to Microsoft Azure, DSP continued to provide support for EPoS's environment until they were ready to switch off the legacy data centre.


Why DSP?

  • Our cloud consultants have a wealth of experience providing end-to-end support for public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud migrations
  • We'll make your Azure migration straightforward so you can start exploiting the huge advantages of cloud across your organisation
  • We are a leading Microsoft Gold Partner

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