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Exadata - Cloud at Customer

Exadata PoC
The only partner in the UK able to offer a free onsite PoC

Exadata is the #1 infrastructure platform to run business critical databases on dedicated hardware running on-premise. 

Exadata Architecture Review

However, that might not be suitable for your organisation as you consider Cloud adoption.

Oracle have recognised this and have made Exadata available on an OPEX model called “Exadata Cloud at Customer” (ExaCC) where you pay a subscription fee for the base infrastructure and only pay for the services that you consume running on that platform.

Here are the headlines:

  • Fundamentally, ExaCC is a Public Cloud proposition but the data location remains on-premise
  • ExaCC is a route to reducing (or removing completely!) the cost of hardware and software support costs
  • Universal Credits (Annual Flex or Monthly Flex) is used for billing, just like in Oracle Cloud
  • ExaCC is the only way to get Autonomous database features on-premise
  • Oracle are responsible for the infrastructure patching
  • You remain (or via a Partner) responsible for database patching
  • ExaCC leverages the same and latest Exadata features as the Exadata X8M

Key benefits of Exadata Cloud at Customer

Lower cost of acquisition, running costs and support costs.

Workload portability between on-premise and Cloud

Cloud Adjacent Architecture reduces latency between environments

Managed as part of Oracle Cloud for consistency and resilience

How can we help?

  • Migration Services
  • Monthly reporting
  • Database configuration
  • Performance monitoring
  • ExaCC design & project planning
  • OCI management & orchestration
  • Database & OCI Managed Services
  • Sizing and proof of concept services

Key take away

  1. ExaCC is built on the same Exadata architecture as the on-premise variant – it’s proven and it’s the lowest cost it’s ever been.
  2. ExaCC brings all the benefits of Cloud economics to your data centre – from elastic scaling to hourly pay-per-use subscriptions
  3. ExaCC is a vehicle to cancel Oracle support and replace with new Cloud credits and an infrastructure subscription service

OCI connectivity Architecture Overview


See at first-hand how Exadata performs within your business...
with a free onsite PoC

We understand that all customers are different and each Oracle workload will have its own unique set of nuances, regardless of its size. This means it’s almost impossible to know what scale Exadata can improve performance.

The key is to try it in your datacentre with your applications, which to date has been extremely difficult and costly to achieve for customers – both logistically and technically.

To remedy this, our own Exadata is available for onsite Proof of Concepts with zero associated costs.

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