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Machine Learning for Professional Services

Embrace the art of the possible.

Machine Learning legal campaign

Protect your data. Empower your business.

Previously a slow adopter of cloud-based technologies, the legal sector has in recent months picked up its pace with an ascent into the world of Machine Learning and automation.

As a typically risk-averse group thanks to the valuable and highly sensitive nature of the data they possess, law firms have started exploring the advantages that machine learning processes could offer with a view to meeting their business goals. Investing in machine learning solutions could help to protect and utilise law firms' data.


Why DSP-Explorer?

We deliver a bespoke, pro-active service across our customer base and aim to implement continuous database optimisation and availability through our industry leading solutions.

This means that our dedicated Innovation team can build bespoke AI solutions designed to help your company automate, optimise and extract valuable business insights. Find out more about our Machine Learning services here.

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Machine Learning: What are the Business Benefits?


Data Consolidation

Automate and consolidate your data for a more efficient use of time and resources. We offer:
  • Consolidation of multiple data types: structured unstructured, semi-structured, real-time, batch, etc.
  • Data normalization, profiling, and cleansing
  • Proficient Data Warehousing
Assessment & Technology Consulting

Assessment & Technology Consulting

Align your business goals, requirements and IT capacities with data-driven opportunities:

  • Technology environment assessment
  • Functional business needs assessment
  • Corporate standards, policy and security environment assessment
  • Implementation approach proposal

Data Warehousing

Move your data to BI-ready warehouses and data marts:

  • Database architecture design and data modelling
  • Data quality management
  • Metadata management
  • Enterprise-class discovery and search
  • Data migration services
  • Database maintenance and optimisation
Core Analytics

Core Analytics

Utilising advanced technologies for real-world business success:

  • Stream data analytical processing
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions
  • OLAP cubes for big data cases
  • KPI calculations setup and implementation of configuration tools

Business Intelligent decisions

Machine learning is an industry agnostic tool. Our Business Intelligence services are designed to bridge the gap between your use case and our skillset, using whichever technologies and techniques best suit the requirements of your data and business objectives.

  • Bespoke, industry-leading BI consulting services
  • Solutions to fit your needs and empower your business
  • Keep your data in safe hands, while utilising its full potential
  • Delivery that works - ongoing support from our expert team

Where to start?



This process involves data exploration, cleaning, and visualisation. Our team of in-house data scientists will investigate how Machine Learning can help you meet your business goals, before following up with a meeting to discuss any potential problems.

A project statement will be made - it's your choice if you would like to continue from this point onwards.

Model Building

This is where the magic happens. Our team will proceed to create, train, and test machine learning models tailored to your data and your problem.

This is an iterative process during which we evaluate our selection of models, find the one with the best performance, and demonstrate to you how the model performs. We aim to be transparent and informative throughout the process, so that our clients know their data is in safe hands.


When you're happy with the value that machine learning can provide to your business, we can go ahead and deploy your bespoke model. This involves containerising the model and deploying it to a location where its availability suits you.

Even should you choose to handle the deployment in-house, we can always provide maintenance to fix problems or improve upon the model in light of new data.


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