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Migrating to MySQL Enterprise Standard Edition?

DSP is a long-established and well-respected specialist database provider. We work across all platforms and have a range of services to help organisations migrating to MySQL Enterprise Standard Edition succeed.

MySQL Enterprise Standard Migration

MySQL Standard Edition Migration

Migrating to MySQL Enterprise Standard Edition is a popular, low-cost, yet high-performance option for MySQL customers who want enhanced security features and reduced complexity, but are not yet ready to move to MySQL Enterprise Edition or MySQL Cloud. Despite its popularity, navigating the transition to Standard Edition can be difficult, which is why many organisations use our services to help them get it right.

Our motto is ‘Any Database | Any Cloud’ and as a MySQL and Oracle Partner, we are one of the UK’s leading providers of MySQL consultancy, support and licensing services. Organisations use us because we bring our wealth of knowledge and experience to complement their in-house teams and have helped many businesses to complete successful migrations.

With DSP you can be sure that your migration to MySQL Standard Edition will be built around you. It will be a stress-free process which adds long-term value to your organisation.

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My SQL Enterprise Standard Migration

How can we help you with Migrating to MySQL Standatd Edition?



As a long-established Oracle partner, we are able to negotiate better licensing prices on your behalf. We can also help when it comes to auditing, to help ensure you’re correctly licensed and compliant.

Data Migration

As database experts we can safely migrate your data from any database type, be that MySQL Community Edition, SQL Server, PostgreSQL or MongoDB.

Best Practice

We can assist with numerous areas including GDPR compliance, Scan Security Configurations, MySQL Discovery and Privilege Analysis.

Our MySQL Migration services are delivered through a team of highly qualified UK-based consultants. As database experts we can migrate your data from most database types, typically these consist of the following scenarios:

  • MySQL Community Edition to MySQL Standard Edition
  • SQL Server to MySQL Standard Edition
  • PostgreSQL to MySQL Standard Edition
  • MongoDB to MySQL Standard Edition
  • MySQL Discovery – search your network for all deployed MySQL databases
  • GDPR + MySQL Compliance - consult on best practice implementation
  • Discover personal data
  • Scan security configurations
  • Implement best practice privilege analysis

Migration Methodology: The DSP Difference

Our motto is ‘Any Database | Any Cloud’ and whatever the nature of the migration, we have a long history of making it a smooth and successful journey. We have a range of vendor accreditations and are the only Oracle and Microsoft CSP in the UK. But it’s how we do things that really makes us stand out:


We understand that migrations are a significant undertaking and as much a commercial decision as a technical one. That’s why we work with you in close collaboration, putting a significant amount of effort into pre-migration preparation. We bring all stakeholders together to assess every available model and decide which one is the strategic best-fit for your organisation.


Your migration is unique to you, but because of our wealth of migration experience, we have a tried and tested formula to make the process run smoothly. We’ll work in close partnership with your teams throughout the process to ensure that downtime is reduced to the absolute minimum and your estate is fully optimised with the highest levels of performance possible.


We don’t see the migration process as transactional, as many other partners do. We offer a complete wrap-around service to optimise your estate in the long-term with services like proactive monitoring, regular health checks and performance reviews. This means you can focus on other priority areas of the business, assured in the knowledge that your infrastructure is safe with us.

Migrating to MySQL Standard Edition

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