Oracle Autonomous Database Services

Oracle Autonomous Database Services
Oracle Autonomous Database Services

Autonomous Database Services

In 2018 Oracle launched the world’s first Autonomous Database which evolves traditional in data management; but like all new  technologies, organisations really wanted to know what outcomes this solution will provide.

At DSP we are avid users of Oracle's Autonomous Database and subsequently fully understand the outcomes of this product and reap the benefits it creates.  We are therefore extremely well placed to share the advantages the autonomous database brings, as well as implementing a tailored service to suit your specific needs.


Why consider Oracle Autonomous Database Service


  • Reduces administration burden of database management
  • Reduces chance of security configuration errors
  • Reduces TCO for data and data management




  • Improves patching and compliance metrics
  • Optimises database performance programmatically 
  • Enables quicker time to value

Is the Autonomous Database new technology or marketing hype?

The Autonomous Database is a new service offering within Oracle Cloud however the product is an evolution of the work Oracle has been doing for the last 20 years

Oracle Database has been quietly been evolving; initial it was in areas like table and space management and then moved into areas likes performance

The Autonomous Database is the next evolution in data management which now provides a administration zero touch database; it’s self managing; self patching and self tuning.  It has built on the previous generations of Oracle Database to provide a worlds first autonomous solution.

What problems will this new technology solve?

With the introduction of the Autonomous Database Oracle can now dramatically reduce the administration hours which consumes database engineers. 

The reduction of administration hours enable database engineers to help organisations unlock more value from their data; they move from being database engineers to data engineers. 

Not only that but the automation of standard undifferentiated administration tasks reduces the risks of human error; improves time to value and ultimately reduces overall cost and complexity of database management.   

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