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Oracle Autonomous Database Warehouse - Bitesize

Even if you already have experience of Database offerings within Oracle Cloud, Azure and AWS you may not yet have considered or experienced Oracle Autonomous Database...


Oracle ADW Overview

Although cloud computing promises to be a fundamental transition in the evolution of IT, we understand that for companies new to cloud, knowing where and how to start can prove difficult...

The 'Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse' Bitesize package is designed to enable you to kickstart your move into the next generation Oracle Data Warehouse Cloud Platform. The programme helps you remove risk and navigate your first Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse implementation. With our support, you can become an effective champion of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and demonstrate the measurable benefits of its adoption to your organisation, including lower operating costs, greater agility but most of all the first self-managed Autonomous Oracle Data Warehouse.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse - Bitesize

Step 1

Autonomous Data Warehouse Orientation Workshop

Step 2

Bitesize deployment as
Proof of Value

Step 3

Technical support and next steps to Oracle Cloud roadmap

Step 1: Autonomous Data Warehouse orientation workshop
During this interactive 1-day onsite workshop for you and your organisation, you will gain:

  • An overview of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse + Oracle Cloud, its capabilities and how it differs from other database platforms
  • Opportunity to explore different use case scenarios to support your business and strategy
  • Support in making informed decisions about the use of Public Cloud technologies
  • Answers to your commercial and technical questions
  • Digital versions of our presentations and resources to share with your colleagues

Step 2: Autonomous Data Warehouse Bitesize deployment as Proof of Value
To provide your business with Proof of Value, we will implement a bitesize installation of Autonomous Data Warehouse for your organisation.

  • Set up your Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse environment and configure the connectivity
  • Introduce your staff to the new environment
  • Demonstrate functionality and performance in a Cloud environment

Step 3: Technical support and next steps to Oracle Cloud roadmap
Having deployed your bitesize instance of Autonomous Data Warehouse, we will work with you to ensure that you feel confident in your move to Cloud and your organisation’s next steps.

  • Access to support for your Bitesized Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Ability to raise support tickets and get your questions answered
  • Support in developing a roadmap for your organisation’s Oracle Cloud strategy, including first move recommendations
  • Exploration of the benefits of wider Cloud migration and total cost of ownership

What will Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse 'Bitesize' do for you?

  • Implement your first steps to Oracle Cloud
  • Answer any questions
  • Win over your colleagues
  • Reduce risk to your organisation
  • Create a clear roadmap for your next steps

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