Oracle Database Health Check

Oracle Database Health Check
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Oracle Database Health Check


Database servers are more important than ever today. Your data platform enables your business to run effectively, to provide invaluable insights and to give you competitive advantage.

Our Oracle Health Check is targeted at assessing the performance, stability and availability of your Oracle based systems. The aim is to detect and correct potential problems before they occur or develop into major defects. This analysis can be focused on performance, capacity, configuration issues or concerns.

Our goal is to help your business prevent downtime and keep a known, predictable performance for your databases servers.

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Making the most of Your Investment...

Database servers are a major investment for most organisations, and a significant one. Ensuring you are getting the most of that investment is key. We do this by measuring the efficiency of your database server: essentially, is the system 'firing on all cylinders'?

The efficiency of a system takes into consideration issues such as:

  • Is the database and operating system properly tuned?
  • Are there sufficient hardware resources for the various applications?
  • Is your High Availability and DR working and fit for purpose?
  • Have the proper indexes been created?
  • Are critical administrative utilities run regularly?
  • Is there adequate support and documentation of the system?

In a complex computing environment, the extent to which these and other issues are addressed will affect the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the systems in place. The database Health Check addresses these issues of efficiency and effectiveness by having a skilled Oracle engineer assess your Oracle-based computing environment.

Check out our Health Check Module options below, or get in touch today.


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Health Check Modules

DSP have developed a set of individual modules to check the health and status of your Oracle Database. From the good practice “General Health Check” to the targeted “Performance” and “Capacity” planning checks, we will find a package that suits your company's needs and provide a comprehensive and readable report to ascertain the improvements that should be made.

Read more about our Health Check modules below, or contact us for information on bespoke packages.


Oracle Database Health Check


Module 1: General Database Health Check

Our general health checks use a combination of leading edge Oracle monitoring tools and bespoke scripts to complete over 400 system checks including:

  1. Operating System Configuration
  2. Oracle Configuration
  3. Resource Configuration
  4. Database Configuration
  5. Backup and Maintenance
  6. General Security
  7. Service & Supportability Landscape

The general Health Check provides the foundation for the other modules… 


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Module 2: Database Performance Health Check

Performance Reviews are there for targeted problems or issues with Oracle Performance. These include:

  1. Index Performance (Missing, Duplicate, Not needed)
  2. Wait Stats & Queues
  3. Database Locks
  4. Query Performance (Top 25 Frequent, most costly)
  5. Resource Utilisation (CPU, Memory, Disk Network)


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Oracle Database Health Check


Oracle Database Health Check

Module 3: High Availability and Disaster Recovery Health Check

Performance Reviews are there for targeted problems or issues with Oracle Performance. These include:

  1. Backup & Restore Integrity
  2. High Availability review
  3. Recovery Time and Objective Review
  4. Fail-Over Testing
  5. Documentation Review

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Module 4: Architecture Health Check

Unsure on how many Oracle Databases you have deployed or how well they meet your architecture guidelines?

This module will give you an instant insight into:

  1. Oracle Discovery
  2. Service Landscape & Supportability
  3. Business Criticality Review
  4. Datacentre Capability
  5. Hardware Capability 


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Oracle Database Health Check


Oracle Database Health Check

Module 5: Capacity Planning Health Check

Capacity Planning is the process of determining what type of hardware and software configuration is required to meet application needs.

The capacity module determines what your system needs (and when it needs it) to maintain performance in both steady-state and peak usage period, whilst ensuring you’re data growth patterns are accounted for.


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Oracle Database Support

Oracle Database Support
Oracle Database Support

Oracle Database Monitoring

Oracle Database Monitoring
Oracle Database Monitoring

Oracle Database Optimisation

Oracle Database Optimisation
Oracle Database Optimisation

Oracle in the Cloud

Oracle in the Cloud
Oracle in the Cloud

Oracle RAC

Oracle RAC
Oracle RAC

Oracle DR Support

Oracle DR Support
Oracle DR Support

Our Delivery


At the end of the Health Check you will receive a fully comprehensive report showing all of our findings. These are graded by their criticality to your Oracle Infrastructure and performance impact, and contained within a report that is designed to be readable and highly informative.

Each report clearly presents our findings to you and details:

  • The criticality of the problem
  • What the problem is and why it is an issue
  • Next steps & recommendations to take to resolve the problem

DSP are deeply invested in the well-being of our clients, and as such we have designed these module options to align with the most common issues seen by our customers. Our simple targeted Health Check helps our clients tailor their package to any specific issue(s) they wish to address...


Build your Own Module

Our Modules are configured to be turnkey solutions, but if these do not match your needs you can always talk to us about a customised module. Every environment looks different, so for best results your Health Check should be built to suit your estate. 

We will be happy to choose individual health check items to be built into a customised module.


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Case Study

“DSP Oracle health checks helped stabilise a Large Retail Organisation’s production systems before they entered their peak trading season”.

The Oracle health check identified potential problems related to both performance and capacity. A remedial action plan was developed and implemented by DSP principle consultants to re-organise highly fragmented objects within a number of tablespaces.

This resulted in a large amount of space being made available to support future growth without incurring additional capital expenditure, whilst at the same time improving reporting and system access to information stored in the Oracle databases.

How does it work?


Step 1 – Speak to us

Tell us what type of problems your company are experiencing. Do any of the below sound familiar?

  • Application freezes during peak trading hours
  • Are you experiencing bad performance after an upgrade?
  • Exponential database growth, but you can’t understand why
  • Concerned that you’re backup and recovery options are no longer fit for purpose
  • Need to certify that your database follows best practices


Step 2 – Choose your modules

If your answer is Yes, We’ll ensure the modules you choose address the problems you need fixing.

  • Application freezes during peak trading hours (Performance module)
  • Exponential database growth, but you can’t understand why (Capacity Module)
  • Need to certify that your database follows best practices (General Health Check)


Step 3 – Engage and Report

We will engage to complete the Health Check, before presenting back to you a clear comprehensive report that breaking down all our findings. Any problems will be identified and sorted by:

  • Criticality of issue
  • Reasons why we have identified the problem
  • Steps to take to resolve the issue


Step 4 – Make recommended changes

This is where the rubber hits the road and we can start really improving your system. Our report will provide you the blue prints; it's then up to you to either engage us to complete the recommendations or complete them yourself.


Step 5 – Review Improvements

DSP can provide a continuous service where we come back to review the improvements that were made, and perform a refresh of the health check to measure the performance & stability improvements.

That way you know your Health Check was a success, and you can even plan ahead to proactively identify areas that may in future be at risk.


Fill in the contact form below to get in touch with DSP and find out more about all of our Health Check modules, our bespoke capabilities, and anything else we can do for your databases. Don't leave your Health Check until it's too late - work proactively and keep your environment covered.