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Oracle Linux Support

Oracle Linux Support

Oracle Linux Support

We have been an Oracle Partner for over 20 years, over that time we have grown a formidable reputation for being a trustworthy, experienced and highly capable partner. When it comes to Oracle Linux, we were one of the first Oracle UK partners to achieve 'Oracle Linux Expertise'.

So whether you're looking to migrate your Linux to Oracle, or you're looking to renew your Oracle Linux Support contract, you're in the right place.

OVM is replaced by OLVM


As of March 2020, Oracle ended Premier Support of OVM (Oracle Virtual Machine). Don't panic as you'll enter what's known as 'Extended Support' and this runs until March 2024. However, it does mean that you will need to act.

OVM is being replaced with Oracle's improved OLVM which is a combination of Oracle Linux and KVM (Kernal-based Virtual Machine) solution, which includes many more benefits such as being able to take advantage of Ksplice!

RHEL is Oracle Linux Compatible


Did you know, you can run RHEL with Oracle Linux Premier Support. Zero difference to your RHEL, but a big difference in cost. With RHEL you pay per instance, but with Oracle Linux you pay per server which causes up to 70% cost reduction (typically around 30%).

Not only is Oracle Linux Premier Support more cost efficient than Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Premium, it also offers you more for your money! Check out what Oracle Linux Premier Support offers you in the table below...

Oracle Linux Premier Support Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Premium
Access to updates & patches
Access to updates & patches
24x7 phone & web support
24x7 phone & web support
No forced upgrades to obtain bug fixes
Lifetime support
Integrated management & monitoring
Clustering software & file system
Zero downtime updates with Ksplice
Comprehensive legal indemnification

Significantly reduce your license liability with Oracle Linux


Oracle OLVM includes KVM where the operating system virtualises itself. Meaning with Oracle Linux you can do hard partitioning which allows you to isolate the number of cores you require per virtual machine. The knock on affect of this is that it can significantly reduce your Oracle license liability which could save you millions!

This simple move of migrating to Oracle Linux really can save you serious amounts of money. Check out our LV Case Study, moving to Oracle Linux resulted in 90-98% license efficiency and a huge cost saving.

Is your Oracle Linux Un-Supported


If you're running Linux unsupported, whether that's RHEL, CentOS or Oracle Linux you're running a major security risk as you won't be receiving the latest patches. You'll also be missing out on features such as Ksplice which allows real-time patching.

Speak to DSP to ensure the best priced Oracle Linux Premier Support.

CentOS is no longer supported


CentOS were acquired by Red Hat in 2014, and Red Hat continued to invest and support it. However, in 2019, Red Hat was acquired by IBM, and now a decision has been made that there will be no more investments in CentOS and it will no longer be supported.

Many CentOS users are seeing Oracle Linux as the best option to switch to. Read the blog to understand why you should switch from CentOS to Oracle Linux.

Latest Oracle Linux Premier Support Functions


Check out these infographics which look at the benefits that Oracle Linux Premier Support includes, such as zero downtime updates with Ksplice and comprehensive legal indemnification.

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