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Oracle Cloud Migration & Managed Service

RPC - Customer Case Study

Oracle Cloud Migration Customer Example

RPC: Migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with DSP-Explorer

Project Background

RPC UK has been providing successful Oracle Primavera product solutions to clients in a wide range of industry sectors since 1992. They were one of the first UK partners to transition to the Modernised Oracle PartnerNetwork at the beginning of 2020, having been an Oracle Platinum Partner for some years before that. They are proud to be members of the Oracle Cloud Sell Track as well as the Oracle License and Hardware Track. RPC have a well-established relationship with Oracle and a proven track record of expertise in developing and implementing project controls solutions using products in the Oracle Primavera toolset.

As part of their full end-to-end lifecycle provision of project controls systems, they offer a complete Oracle Primavera P6 hosted solution to allow customers to access their Oracle Primavera environment from anywhere, at any time – in the field or the office, with the ability to understand and interrogate schedules whenever you want, wherever you want, using Primavera P6 Visualizer with P6 Web Services Access.

The Hosting service was introduced as a natural extension to their existing solution and service portfolio and enabled RPC to deliver the complete scope of project controls systems, including implementation, training and Business-as-Usual support.

Why migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

RPC's Hosting service initially utilised the IBM SoftLayer platform. They had explored the first iteration of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, but its early capabilities fell short of other hosted infrastructure service providers. As time and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service progressed, a new iteration was introduced that offered many technical advantages, including automated backup and recovery, a high volume of up-time, improved Service Level Agreements, licensing costs included in the subscription and end-to-end encryption. There were financial benefits to the new platform, too: "better technology at a lower cost, a reduction in our monthly support time gained as a result of simpler management and technology processes, and – as a consequence of the reduced load on our support team – greater capacity for evaluating enhancements to the service we would be able to offer."

The benefits of migrating to OCI

  • Automated backup and recovery
  • High volume of uptime
  • Better SLA's than the previous provider
  • Licensing included in the subscription
  • End to end encryption
  • Less cost for better technology
  • Reduction in support time required

"The transition to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform has brought benefits to other areas of RPC’s business, too. Utilising the connection bridge between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and MS Azure, we are now able to offer a fully hosted remote platform for our training service, with the back end hosted on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and a remote desktop hosted on Azure, allowing us to deploy the Oracle Primavera P6 application at the front end as a remote app. This has greatly improved our ability to offer online training remotely to customers in any and multiple locations and the connection between the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and MS Azure allows us to offer this as an optional, add-on service to our customers."

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers a simple and modern interface, with 100 per cent end-to-end encryption that guarantees a safe and secure environment for both end-users and RPC. Clients can have their Oracle Primavera P6 solution implemented faster than ever before on proven Cloud Services technology and without the cost and complexity of deploying a new infrastructure and delivering new IT systems locally. The ‘bring your own licence’-based service allows access to a global network that includes infrastructure, hosting, operating system software and updates, ensuring that customers are never working on out-of-date systems and have scalable memory and storage options and a hosting solution that adapts as their business grows and changes.

Underpinning all of this is the reassuring knowledge that the backend database is supported by Oracle.

How DSP-Explorer drove project success

Transitioning RPC's hosting service and their existing clients to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was a major operation that needed to be completed without interruption or downtime for RPC's clients, and with the confidence that the new platform would be stable and that the transition would be as seamless as possible. "As our selected managed service provider, DSP-Explorer were integral to the success of this transition phase and to the architecture of the solution that preceded that."

"DSP-Explorer worked with the RPC technical resource team to fully design, develop and test to solution before go-live and continue to be a key part of our service, through providing exceptional support to RPC that allows us to provide the same level of support to our own customers." Since the deployment of the service, we have remained part of RPC's team, supporting them with designing, developing and deploying subsequent system updates and enhancements.

"They have been fundamental in the success of the transition from IBM platform to the OCI platform behind our hosting solution and in the ongoing service that we can offer our hosting customers and more."

If you'd like to learn more about migrating to OCI, discover our Oracle Cloud Services and our Oracle Cloud Migration page for more information.


RPC has been providing effective Oracle Primavera product solutions since 1992, delivering world-class project management and planning solutions.






Oracle Cloud Migration and Managed Service

"They have been fundamental in the success of the transition from IBM platform to the OCI platform behind our hosting solution and in the ongoing service that we can offer our hosting customers and more."

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