Serverless Computing


Microsoft Azure works in collaboration with other managed cloud databases to provide some of the most powerful, reliable, and secure systems in the world. Developers can increase productivity with maximum availability while safe in the knowledge that their work is continuously backed up and monitored 24/7.

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Azure | Serverless Computing

With serverless computing, code execution is fully managed by a cloud provider rather than the traditional method of developing applications and deploying them on servers. It removes the necessity for developers to concern themselves with administrative tasks such as managing, provisioning, and maintaining servers when deploying code.

With traditional server computing, developers would need to define how much storage and database capacity they would need pre-deployment. Serverless computing with Azure allows developers to focus on perfecting their apps without the worry of infrastructure looming over. With a fully-managed service, developers can simply deploy their code and run it with high availability.

In addition to the convenience of removing infrastructure concerns, serverless computing in Azure also offers incredible scalability, being able to handle tens of thousands of concurrent functions. Scale to match any workload without the need for configuration, and only pay for the time and resources it takes to execute your code.