SQL Server Database Backup

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The right strategy for your business

Losing data is a painful, personal subject: if you do lose data it can be difficult to get it back. Many companies approach DSP having had such issues, and we are relied upon to recover their data and then help define a tailored backup strategy to ensure data loss doesn’t happen again in the future.

With over 120 customers and decades of experience in both SQL Server and the backup space, we have SQL Server database backup and recovery down to a fine art. Our customers appreciate our expertise and  proactive manner, and we in return seek to uphold our customer-first values.

As experts in the industry we use best-in-class automated monitoring tools to ensure backups are running and completed as expected, and notified instantly when thresholds are breached. This gives us the ability to react before an issue arises.


We ensure you get cloud backup right...

Leveraging on our vast experience we can guide you through key considerations that should be investigated when discussing moving backup to cloud, including the following:





The phrase “data is patriotic” implies that where data resides has implications on compliance. Organisations dealing with sensitive and confidential data need suppliers cognisant of compliance and privacy issues, and must work with regulation and legislation.

DSP, as a Microsoft CSP tier 1 Partner, Oracle Cloud Partner and AWS Partner can store data across the UK, across Europe and across the world. Always provide clarity and visibility about which country your data will be stored in, and how it is stored.

Passionate about Backup

With two decades solid experience in backup and as leading UK providers of SQL Server solutions, DSP can work with you to formulate and implement a backup strategy. Backing up in the cloud gives us the ability to test our customers’ backup and thereby to be able to verify for them that it is working.

Above all, DSP are experts in managing data. We appreciate that some aspects of data management are trickier than others, and that backup services aren’t as straight forward as initially thought. From our heritage and years of providing support and consultancy we know database platforms inside and out, taking the worry out of data management and maintenance.

We’d like to tell you more about why DSP are backup experts and are ideally placed to position this within your cloud strategy.

Check out DSP's webinar on Remote SQL DBA Services, led by an in-house Managed Services Expert...

Remote DBA Services Webinar

Managing Your Data in the Cloud

To maximise on cloud investment, you need a consistent and reliable cloud service. Such a high level of availability requires being able to access the right resources and experts at the right time.

SQL Server Database Backup

Test & Development

Moving testing and development to the cloud enables teams to gain on-demand flexibility of resources that can speed up development, time to market and reduce cost.


SQL Server Database Backup

Database Disaster Recovery

Cloud-enabled Database DR provides businesses with an economical solution; there is no need to buy additional hardware, network resource, data centre storage or to have dedicated personnel.


SQL Server Database Recovery

Disaster Recovery in Azure

Try out our Disaster Recovery Calculator and find out how much downtime could cost your organisation.


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