SQL Server Health Check

SQL Server Health Check
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What sets our Health Checks apart from the rest?

DSP's Health Checks are simple to run, comprehensive, and straightforward to analyse.  We are champions of Data-Driven Managed Services and are committed to helping our customers find and fix problems before they occur.

Health Checks are vital for keeping your system fast and secure: regular health checks can show up recurring errors or highlight outdated applications that, if left alone, could turn into larger issues for your IT team.

With our fully automated checks, benchmarking capabilities and a transparent reporting system, you can rely on DSP to solve minor issues within your system before they become the stuff of IT nightmares. 

Data-Driven Health Checks


Our Health Checks are fully automated. This means our Machine Learning system will be able to store information and, over time, spot patterns in the types of problems our customers routinely face in keeping their estates running.


In the short-term, Data Driven Managed Services like this one mean fewer errors, more accurate reports being generated for the customer, and most importantly a significantly faster turnaround. 

Health Checks are at their best a preventative measure that stops any nasty surprises from damaging your estate a long time in advance of any actually appearing.  However, if a client decides to run a Health Check because their system is already showing symptoms of age or lax security, time can be of the essence to ensure these issues do not jump from bad to much worse.

DSP's Health Checks are timely, comprehensive, and only set to improve as our data set grows.  They are a vital investment for your company's future with no strings or further commitments attached - what are you waiting for?

Powerful Reports


Your Health Check results will be presented in two powerful reports: one for the consumer, one for the technician.


Consumer Level

DSP have developed a two-stage report that provides a brief, readable overview for non-technical project managers, as well as a comprehensive breakdown of each individual database and our suggestions for optimising them in technical terms.

Not all of your team will be technical, but understanding how your estate can be made more manageable, usable, and secure could benefit the whole team.  When you can be transparent about why an upgrade of your system is necessary, finding the budget and manpower necessary to make it happen becomes much simpler.

With this in mind, the first part of the report generated by a DSP Health Check shows you an index score out of 100, which is then divided into separate scores for Performance, Recovery, Implementation and Manageability. 

This introductory table below presents a clear and easily comparable data set that can be treated as a jumping-off point for working out which of these areas is costing you the most, and where your budget for improvement should be directed.

example Health Check



Technical Reporting

After the initial overview of the strength of your estate the DSP Health Check Report breaks down the four above areas into more detail, creating a summary for each individual database which includes the Pass / Fail award checklist shown below and a host of Best Practice pointers. 

2019-07-22 (2)

The report will also refer you to relevant articles to further explain any recommended changes in more detail. 

In short, DSP Health Checks do the leg work and more - and not only that, you can benchmark your results to see how your estate ranks against the average Health Check user.

Benchmark and Analyse Results


You can compare your results with the industry norm, and take steps to identify weaker  areas.


Our Health Checks can cover all of your databases - not just one - and will compare the results of each one to provide you with a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your estate in its entirety. 

But we didn't stop there: you can also compare the health of your company with other Health Check users.  Our soon-to-be-released benchmarking process will compare the results of your Health Check against the average results for other firms, so that you can see where your databases are behind the times or ahead of the curve.

Every time a customer requests a Health Check from DSP our data set gets stronger, meaning the accuracy of our benchmarking assessments improve with every interaction. 

Choose from either one-off or scheduled Health Checks


The best part is, you can commit to as much - or as little - input from us as you'd like.


We offer our Health Checks in both Professional Service and Managed Service capacities, to brand new customers or our steady base of trusted clientele.  Whether you want a one-off Health Check with no follow-up guaranteed, or an extended contract granting you regular checks and a marked improvement in your Health Index score from start to finish, our team can create a package to suit your needs.

For a comprehensive Health Check that you can share from Consumer-level to Technical, our Health Check offer is the way to go. 

Request yours via the contact form below and ask about our current New Customer deals!

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