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Warehouse Management System Support

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Warehouse Management System Support

Never has the pressure been greater for efficient Supply Chain Management and the crucial role the Warehouse Management System plays. It is vital that the WMS applications can provide optimal performance for speed of picking through to shipment, maximum availability as warehouses operate round the clock and unprecedented levels of real-time reporting for ‘make or break’ replenishment decisions. 

DSP has dedicated retail focused account directors who understand the challenges retailers face. Read on to understand what we perceive to be the WMS goal, challenges and most importantly, solution.

Warehouse Management System Goal

  • Efficient control and management of the movement and storage of goods within all warehouse operations
  • Optimal cost of timely order fulfillment by managing all resources economically
  • Maximise speed of ‘pick to ship’ for all aspects of supply chain
  • Capture absolute accuracy on stock levels and plan replenishment
  • Avoid shrinkage at every stage of the warehouse process i.e. secure and track goods accurately

Warehouse Management System Challenge

  • Maintaining inventory accuracy. Poor inventory causes problems such as maintaining improper stock levels and build-ups of obsolete inventory
  • Streamlining efficient processes through automation whilst eliminating redundant ones which lead to wasted time, effort and even health and safety issues in a COVID aware facility.
  • Maximising space and layout in your warehouses when product lists are ever-growing and floor space is limited
  • Erratic demands can cause unexpected strains on certain product lines and even greater pressure on supply chain
  • Creating optimal picking processes i.e. mapping out the most time efficient way of picking goods and shipping
  • Labour costs and management proving more difficult as greater demand for goods online and shipped from the Warehouse

The DSP Solution

DSP solutions sit in 3 broad categories:

  1. Managed Services
  2. Data Platform Modernisation i.e. Oracle Engineered Systems through scalable Cloud platforms
  3. Performance Review

The products DSP would typically recommend and deploy: 

  • Oracle Engineered systems including Oracle Database Appliance and its flagship Exadata range
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services

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