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In need of ISV Managed Cloud Services?

ISV Managed Cloud Services

ISV Managed Cloud Services

A common goal for most software vendors, is to be able to operate a SaaS business model. Being able to operate a subscription based business model tends to increase your number of customers due to the lower cost of entry, making it a more attractive proposition to deploy your application.

We work collaboratively with ISVs to create a bespoke roadmap of joint engagement, which defines where you are currently in terms of cloud, what your business objectives are, and how we will achieve your goals together.

At DSP, we understand that no two ISVs are the same and that every application provider will be at a different stage in their journey to cloud. This is why our ISV Managed Cloud Services are flexible to your business needs. Whether you have already achieved your migration to cloud, or whether it’s an upcoming project, DSP can support you with our Managed Cloud Services.

Migrating to Cloud

There are numerous cloud providers available with the most established being Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS. At DSP, we're proud to be the UK's only Oracle MSP and Microsoft Gold CSP (Cloud Service Provider), and we also have expertise and experience in AWS. Therefore, when working with DSP, you can feel assured there aren’t any ulterior motives when it comes to selecting the right cloud provider for you.

Our vendor agnostic approach will work to identify which cloud provider will suit your application the best. Our team of cloud architects and pre-sales will design a cost effective but highly performant cloud solution to deliver your clients objectives. Our team of award-winning, certified DBAs will develop a detailed plan to migrate any existing database environments to cloud, and optimise the environment for availability and performance. Your choice of cloud model  can either be on a hybrid model or pure cloud, depending on the needs of your application and your customer specific requirements.

When the migration to cloud is complete, DSP can then manage and maintain your cloud environment and database layer, with our Managed Cloud Service. See below the main benefits!

Already on Cloud?

At DSP, we are the industry leaders for Managed Cloud Services, where we maintain your cloud environment, while also supporting your database. This allows everyone to do what they do best; DSP proactively support your database and cloud environment, and you, the ISV, to focus on application development and innovation with faster and more agile DevOps cycles.

You’ll no longer have to worry about:

  • Capacity management
  • Licensing
  • Database outage
  • Cloud credits
  • Patching
  • Security
  • Performance issues

As DSP will handle all the above. All you’ll have to worry about is continuous improvements to your application and delivering excellent customer service.

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