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Looking for expert MySQL Services?

At DSP, we have a long-established track record in offering MySQL Services, giving our customers peace of mind that their database is in safe hands whilst reducing their costs.

MySQL Services
MySQL Services

Your trusted MySQL Services provider

At DSP, our focus has always been on database support. Our dedicated MySQL Services provide our customers with the best proactive management, rapid response and business continuity – ensuring our customers' databases are always expertly managed and maintained.

Whether you’re running MySQL Enterprise Edition or MySQL HeatWave, our service will deliver an optimised MySQL environment that is secure, resilient, and can cope with the demands of enterprise-grade mission-critical applications. Our customers rely on us because we are specialists in what we do, complimenting and working in partnership with your team, whilst reducing your operational overheads by as much as 70%.

MySQL Services

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Why MySQL?

MySQL is one of the world’s most popular open-source databases, consistently ranking as the most popular database for developers. Originally developed to handle large databases quickly, MySQL is fast, reliable, scalable, and easy to use, offering a rich and useful set of functions.

At DSP we provide comprehensive database services to ensure you make the most out of MySQL. Not only can we provide expert MySQL Consultancy and MySQL Migration, we also offer a complete MySQL Managed Service efficiently suited to your unique business needs.

Discover our MySQL services...

MySQL Enterprise Edition

Achieve high levels of scalability, security, reliability, and uptime whilst reducing risk, cost, and complexity.

MySQL HeatWave

Combine your mission-critical business transactions with advanced MySQL features deployed on OCI.

...and how DSP can manage and support your data.

MySQL Migration

We provide companies with expert advice and support to tailor and deploy a unique and seamless migration to MySQL.

MySQL Consultancy

Working with your team to build and design MySQL solutions, that deliver performance and value.

MySQL Managed Service

Ensure your MySQL database is optimised with our round-the-clock monitoring and management services.

Why DSP?

Preventative Analytics

Prevention is better than cure. Our MySQL Services deliver actionable insights and predictive analytics. We use our state-of-the-art managed service tools to proactively ensure that your enterprise workloads are running as efficiently as possible.

Instant ROI

Outsourcing core DBA services causes an instant reduction in costs. Typically, you can expect to reduce operational costs by between 40% - 70%. Many of our customers then reinvest this resource into areas of innovation within their business.

Total Environment Support

Our MySQL Services cover complete data platform support, from operating system support (Windows, Linux, and Unix) through to the application layer. This makes our incident diagnosis particularly effective and efficient.

Specialist Database Experts

We are a specialist Oracle Partner with MySQL 8 Expertise meaning we have professional accreditation to support your database to an excellent standard.

Collaborative Approach

We know that success is about teamwork. We'll work in partnership with your in-house teams, your application provider and even our own competitors to best align our collective skills and knowledge to do what's best for your database.

'Always-on' Support

We work whenever you need us to - supporting your company all day every day. Our cutting-edge service management tools can identify severity 1 issues immediately so that overnight processes are not hindered.

Learn from a typical MySQL project...

Fareham College: MySQL Database Management

“DSP are a pleasure to work with and have been very flexible in their approach. I can highly recommend DSP to other Colleges who are experiencing similar challenges.”

Director of Finance, Fareham College

Speak to a MySQL expert today...

What can MySQL do for you?

On-demand Webinar

Our MySQL experts offer their take on the pros and cons of all MySQL editions, giving you the intel and tools to assess which one is right for you and your organisation. This webinar will have the answers to all your questions and more.

What can MySQL do for you?



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