Oracle Licensing for ISVs

Oracle Licensing for ISV
Oracle Licensing for ISV

Oracle Licensing for Application Providers

Oracle licensing is complex at the best of times. However, the variety of licensing models for ISVs adds an extra layer of complexity, and potential cost to your solution offering.

Do you want to reduce your Oracle license costs - resulting in a cheaper point of entry for your customers and subsequently a more competitive application offering? Working with DSP-Explorer, you can save costs and be left confident that your estate is compliant for any future Oracle licensing audits. We find that many ISVs who are building their applications on Oracle, are on costly, inefficient licensing models. DSP-Explorer have extensive knowledge of the various license models, and can advise on the best fit for your business, and your customers whether that is an ASFU, ESL, Full Use or Cloud model.

What is the best model for you and your customers – ASFU, ESL, Full Use, Cloud?

Our in-depth license discovery sessions explore how you typically deploy your customers environments, understanding any specific technical requirements, and then we present the various options to you. We aim to bring clarity and transparency, giving you options for licensing Oracle as part of your solution. This collaborative approach aims to:

  • Ensure you and your customers are compliant based on the Oracle licensing policies
  • Provide the most cost effective licensing model for your application
  • Future proof your license models, ensuring portability and and flexibility should your deployment strategy change
  • Lower the TCO of your application, making you more competitive
  • Increase your margin opportunity

Get in touch with an Oracle Licensing Specialist Today!

At DSP-Explorer, we have a dedicated ISV practice, with Oracle licensing specialists with 20+ years experience. Please get in touch today to book in a discovery call so that we can understand your licensing environment, and look at how we can cut your costs and add more value. Oracle license management can also be included in an ISV Managed Cloud Service. Alternately, browse our full range of ISV Support and Services to fully understand the different ways DSP-Explorer support application providers.