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As the No.1 UK company to go to for all Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Cloud technologies, dsp specialise in the management and maintenance of mission critical database platforms whilst delivering innovative solutions to new projects.

As the first company to deliver a database managed service, we are a highly valued and trusted partner by both Oracle and Microsoft. Our continued focus on innovation and customer service has since cemented our position within the industry and we are seen as the go to partner of choice for all database and cloud related services.

The core services that we provide include are Database Managed Services, Database Consultancy and Cloud Solutions. Together with our team of Oracle and SQL Server DBA’s, we implement seamless upgrades, deliver fully managed and hosted IT systems and offer best-practice professional consultancy.

Ensuring Database Uptime, All The Time.

Industry Leading Database and Cloud Solutions

Our pedigree in Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server solutions are delivered by some the of best database minds in the industry. We pride ourselves on ability to take customers to new heights delivering long-lasting customer satisfaction.


Managed Services

Our service desk provide proactive support 24/7 and via our bespoke monitoring systems we identify and resolve problems more than 70% of time before they have an impact on end users.

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Whether your database is cumbersome, causing frequent outages, letting overnight batch jobs spill into the working day or just eating up your IT budget in constant support, we’re ready to come to your rescue.

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Cloud Solutions

We have innovative cloud methodologies and technologies that take care of all the specifics of mission critical applications including the complexity of licensing, performance, availability, security, development and disaster recovery.

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Outsourcing your database support to dsp means working with an award-winning team, here 24/7 to help you…

  1. Increase uptime and efficientcy
  2. Save money and minimise errors
  3. Enjoy outstanding results from your databases
  4. Keep your database infrastructure fit for purpose
  5. Minimise downtime and disruption
  6. Get great performance from your whole tech stack
  7. Focus on your business

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DSP winners at the UK Oracle User Group Awards 2017/18

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"Self Managing Databases: Fable, Fantasy or the Future"

Join us for lunch and to hear some war stories from staff and customers with experience of Oracle Database Cloud Service. We'll also understand more about the Autonomous Database and how Oracle will compete with AWS.

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