Azure Managed Billing

Reduce waste with Azure Cost Management and Billing.

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You can significantly improve the technical performance of your business workloads by moving into Microsoft Azure. However, businesses new to cloud may not take steps to address waste an inefficiencies that can be introduced into cloud deployments.


With Microsoft Azure Cost Management and Billing, DSP-Explorer will provide a suite of tools to help you analyse, manage, and optimise the costs of your workloads. This way you can ensure that your organisation is taking full advantage of your cloud benefits.


DSP-Explorer are leading experts in managed cloud, in both Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. We offer a wealth of experience regarding cloud-based and On Premise requirements; in addition to our Azure capabilities, we manage SQL Server upgrade projects of all sizes and have experience working with every version from SQL Server 2000 to the current version. 

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Why stick with Microsoft Azure?

Efficiency is key: with Azure products and services, you will only be charged for the services you create and use. Without proper analysis and monitoring, the costs of your workloads can jump significantly especially when you first migrate to cloud. With Azure services, we make sure you only pay for what you use.

Azure Cost Management and Billing features enable you to:

  • Conduct billing administrative tasks ie. paying a bill
  • Manage billing access to costs
  • Download 'cost and usage' data used to generate your monthly invoice
  • Proactively apply data analysis to your costs
  • Set spending thresholds
  • Identify workload changes that may optimise your spending


Why choose DSP?

As a highly accredited Microsoft partner, DSP-Explorer deliver Microsoft Azure services and fully managed support to the highest standard. For more than 20 years we have helped thousands of customers secure and upgrade their databases, whether they be onsite, in cloud or part of a hybrid solution.

Azure Managed Billing
Azure Managed Billing

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