Microsoft Azure Power BI

Microsoft Azure works in collaboration with other managed cloud databases to provide some of the most powerful, reliable, and secure systems in the world. Developers can increase productivity with maximum availability while safe in the knowledge that their work is continuously backed up and monitored 24/7.


As a CSP Tier 1 Partner, dsp can offer deeper engagement and added value through end-to-end specialist service. We can help your business reduce costs, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.


Power BI

If you’ve already collected your data and analytics, the next step is to turn that intelligence into strategy. Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that enables anyone to visualise and analyse data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding. With a simple-to-use dashboard, you can connect users to a range of live data, interactive reports, and compelling visualisations. Power BI gives you valuable insights in real-time at a fraction of the usual cost, and with Power BI Embedded, developers can add these reports to their applications.

With an entire suite of business analytics tools available, Power BI will help deliver insight into your organisation. Personalise your dashboard and produce rich, interactive reports to publish for your organisation to consume on the web and across mobile devices. Power BI connects to hundreds of data sources, allowing you to simplify data and drive ad hoc analysis.

For the best cloud-based business analytics service that gives you a single view of your most critical business data, try Power BI, or, if you’re regularly on the move, use Power BI Mobile.


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