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Are you looking for solutions in the cloud for retail?

DSP is a specialist Oracle and Microsoft provider of cloud for retail organisations. We help retailers optimise their IT infrastructure in the cloud with a range of services from strategy to migrations, to multi-cloud. 45% of companies experience higher growth margins when operating in the cloud, and as experts in cloud for retail, we can help you do the same.

Cloud for Retail

Cloud for retail organisations

Cloud for retail makes perfect sense – it provides reliable scalability to meet seasonal fluctuations and demand peaks with the agility to innovate and offer improved customer experience. DSP, as a leading Oracle and Microsoft Partner, offers a range of services to enable retailers to move fast; constantly develop fresh ideas and keep pace with sophisticated consumer behaviours.

We realise that the cloud can be complicated, especially with often heavily customised legacy environments. We collaborate with our customers, who rely on our expert knowledge to ensure that they are receiving the best technical and commercial value for their business. If you’re looking to move to the cloud, we offer a range of services to help, including strategy, migrations, integrations, and managed services. With us, you can be confident that whatever you want to accomplish, you have an expert partner on your side to help you achieve it.

Oracle and Microsoft technologies are our specialities, and we are proud to be widely accredited by both vendors. We are also the UK's only Oracle and Microsoft CSP, making us ideally positioned to assist retailers that use both platforms to design and deploy integrated solutions to take advantage of the multi-cloud interconnect.

Take a look at our cloud for retail services in more detail below to see what DSP can do for your business or get in touch if you have a project you’d like to discuss.

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Cloud for Retail

Discover more from our range of cloud for retail services

Oracle Cloud Services

We're a specialised provider who offer a range of Oracle cloud services, delivering advice and support on architecting, migrations, provisioning, monitoring, optimisation and multicloud. We work to guaranteed SLAs and outcomes with an emphasis on providing performance and value to organisations that use Oracle Cloud. Whatever you want to accomplish with OCI, DSP can help you get there.

Microsoft Azure Services

We offer a broad range of Microsoft Azure services, whether you need assistance with migrations, multicloud options, long-term support, or cost reduction. We provide specialised guidance and support to help your company take advantage of the possibilities provided by Azure. Our specialists collaborate with our customers to ensure that their Azure instance is operating effectively and continues to provide long-term value.

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Cloud computing is changing how retailers win


As the competitive landscape is constantly evolving, innovation needs to keep pace. The cloud is the most cost-efficient and effective way to deliver a seamless online shopping experience that changes to meet evolving customer preferences and needs.


Agility is a key factor for differentiation enabling rapid development and deployment of new solutions. Retailers can respond to trends immediately rather than gradually moving into the development phase and then having everything ready…just when the moment has passed.

New Technology

To stay ahead in the retail industry investing in new technologies and capabilities is essential. With the cloud, retailers can easily increase storage capacity and they can do it more cost effectively, as opposed to using hardware in a traditional data centre.

Cloud computing is changing how retailers operate

Cloud software empowers retailers to stay keen and competitive; adapting to changing shopper preferences without having to install, configure and maintain on-premise hardware every time they start a new project or have a site refresh.


Meet demand peaks by building capabilities quickly enough to attract consumers. Seasonality in fashion retail dictates swift transitions between styles and ranges together with the ability to tactically extend or truncate them if the season lingers or dissipates.

Across the industry, seasonal peaks such as Christmas, Black Friday, Mother’s day and Easter, plus the impact of the weather, place enormous demand on systems to support rapid turnaround in inventory and services. The cloud offers scalability to meet such challenges; there when you need it.



The tools and applications that developers need to drive the fast-paced introduction of new services and the rapid delivery of new products into the multi-channel environment are all housed in the cloud, making new product development easier and faster than ever before.

‘Leaner IT’ offers pay-as-you-go models and transfers many of computing’s more onerous costs of maintenance, back-up, and new app development, onto managed service providers; rolled into affordable and forecastable monthly fees.

Retailers can reduce their capital expenditure in IT simply because by moving to the cloud they no longer need the infrastructure, or the space it takes up.

Explore what retailers achieved with our support...


David Phillips: Azure E-Commerce Optimisation

David Phillips recognised the need to modernise their systems and improve their e-commerce capability. They selected DSP to implement a specified infrastructure and data platform to underpin their new e-commerce solution.

Unite Students: Oracle EBS Application Implementation

DSP worked with Unite Students to design an accommodation booking and maintenance solution based on Oracle E-Business Suite. This allowed Unite Students to make a significant step in managing their business.

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We offer bespoke e-commerce services that allow retailers to benefit from increased security, repeat marketing, and a more simplified buying process. Plus we can ensure the avoidance of avoid system downtime.

Supply Chain Management

We offer solutions for your supply chain that allow retailers to benefit from improved communication, reduced logistical costs, advanced planning, and scheduling on every step of the supply chain.

Warehouse Management

We provide warehouse management systems that enable retailers to benefit from effective control and management, an optimised supply chain, and the accurate tracking of products.

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