Data Science

Specialising in delivering bespoke solutions for business.

Oracle Partner, MS Partner, Google Cloud and AWS

Data Science

We're used to plotting data and 2D trends to deliver business insight, but the shape of our data is changing.

As our data grows, we use more advanced methods for analysis, but more importantly, we can start to use Machine Learning to augment that advanced analysis with predictive outcomes. 

DSP-Explorer Data Science offerings

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is revolutionising the world of business intelligence.  As your data gets more complicated and the number of dimensions you need to model become more than just sales and geography Machine Learning is available to help solve these challenges. 



Business Intelligence

Our excellence in big data & the development of BI solutions builds upon over 20 years of experience in implementing well-orchestrated technologies, methodologies, and tools across the entire data cycle.


Why DSP-Explorer?

Preventative Analytics

Prevention beats Cure. Our Support Services deliver immediate insight and predictive analytics; we don't work in a bubble, we work as an extended team proactively ensuring your Oracle, Microsoft, Google and Amazon workloads are running as efficiently as possible.

Round the Clock Service

We work 24x7 to ensure you don't have to. Our team of DBAs, across London, Basingstoke and Nottingham, use cutting edge service management tools to identify Severity 1 issues immediately so that overnight processes are not hindered. 

Oracle & Microsoft Specialists

Oracle and Microsoft core technologies are in our DNA. Accreditations never tell the full story; our 22-year association with Oracle and Microsoft, our full range of Oracle Specialisations and user references in most vertical markets make us very proud of the business we have built.


Success is all about teamwork. We need to work with your in-house consultants, your application provider and maybe even our competition! We understand this. When we provision your service we'll spend time to understand your key dependencies and tailor our communications accordingly.

Oracle APEX Development Services


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