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Data Science Services

Specialising in bespoke solutions for businesses, delivered by our in-house UK based Data Science Team.

Data Science Services
Data Science Services
Data Science Services

Data Science Services at DSP-Explorer

We're used to plotting data and 2D trends to deliver business insight, but the shape of our data is changing.

As our data grows, we use more advanced methods for analysis, but more importantly, we can start to use Machine Learning to augment that advanced analysis with predictive outcomes. 

Artificial Intelligence

In the face of ever-growing data pots, we use increasingly advanced methods for analysis; now we can start to use responsible AI solutions to augment that advanced analysis with predictive outcomes. We build bespoke AI solutions to help your company automate, optimise and extract insights to improve your products and services.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is revolutionising the world of Business Intelligence. As your data gets more complicated and the number of dimensions you need to model become more than just sales and geography, Machine Learning is available to solve these challenges. We can help plan and execute a strategy that can lead to real business outcomes.        

Business Intelligence

Our excellence in big data and the development of Business Intelligence solutions build upon over 25 years of experience in implementing well-orchestrated technologies, methodologies, and tools across the entire data cycle. Our Business Intelligence consulting covers a range of services designed to empower our clients. 

Data Science Services

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services

Our in-house innovation team will help you plan and execute a strategy that can lead to real business outcomes.

Data Science
Machine Learning

Machine Learning Consulting Services

As your data gets more complicated and the number of dimensions you need to model become more than just sales and geography Machine Learning is available to help solve these challenges.

Data Science
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Services

Our expert team are constantly renewing their knowledge to make sure we can offer the latest in innovative technology, as well as tried-and-tested solutions.

Data Science
Artificial Intelligence

Reinventing Data Analytics

We will provide operational, technical, and logistical support wherever it is needed at every stage of the planning and deployment process.

Data Science
Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Automation Services

Our expert Data Science team can guide the implementation of self-learning automation on an enterprise-wide level, with improved AI processes around it.

Data Science
Business Intelligence

Data-driven solutions for the Legal Sector

Investing in data-driven solutions could help to protect and utilise law firms' data, and offer innovative ways of meeting business goals.

Data Science
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Business Transformation

Our expert team can provide guidance ensuring you stay fully informed as to the potential risk and reward of deploying AI solutions to transform your capabilities.

Data Science
Artificial Intelligence

Responsible Artificial Intelligence

We are committed to recommending Responsible AI; we design, develop, and deploy AI solutions that will generate significant business value whilst fairly impacting customers and society.

Data Science
Artificial Intelligence

Scalable Artificial Intelligence

Did you know companies that strategically scale AI can achieve triple the return of their investments, compared to companies where solutions are not yet enterprise-wide?

Data Science
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Business Intelligence

Data Science Discovery Workshop

We combine our award-winning expertise of data & data platforms with your specialist business knowledge to identify & define potential AI/ML use cases.

Data Science

We build bespoke AI solutions designed to help your company automate, optimise and extract insights. We are experts at using innovative BI technologies to achieve a potentially multiplicative effect on business, and to curate the data veracity of the analysis pipeline.

Data Science Customer Success

"DSP-Explorer has helped the National Institute of Health Research to apply Machine Learning to enable the predictive programming of Cochlear implants. We understand the capabilities of Machine Learning and data. This means that, regardless of any industry-specific elements of your problem, DSP-Explorer can offer insights into your data and help build new ways of interpreting existing data using Machine Learning models."

Data Science

Padraig Kitterick
Hearing Team Lead | NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre

Part of the Team

DSP-Explorer's vast Data Science Team ranges from Chief Technology Officer to Student some of our dedicated scientists below. 


Phil Brown


"As cloud providers make the AI and ML toolsets available I'm really excited to work with the next generation of data engineers and scientists in building solutions around specific industry challenges"

Data Science

Max Storr

Data Analytics Engineer

"My speciality is in Machine Learning and Data Science. My educational background in Physics provided me with thoroughly capable analytical skills and an obsession with understanding data."

Untitled design (4)

Jasline Mwita

Data Engineer Intern

"A skilled junior data scientist with a demonstrated history of working with data. I've worked on projects surrounding, data analysis, cleaning and making Machine Learning models to help solve real-world problems."

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