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Data Science Workshop

Discover the art of the possible and kickstart your data science initiatives...

We combine our award-winning expertise of data & data platforms with your specialist business knowledge to identify & define potential AI/ML use cases. 

Throughout the half-day, 4 step programme, our innovation team will explain key AI concepts to all business stakeholders regardless of their prior understanding of data science, guiding you through all the stages required to determine the value that actionable insights could have to your business.

At the end of this workshop, you will have all the information required to select potential use-cases relevant to you and move forwards into a proof-of-concept phase with confidence. 

High-Level Overview & Definition of Terms

Understand AI terminology and different learning models such as Machine Learning, Neural Networks & Natural Language Processing

Case Studies & description of high-level use cases

Demonstration of what business objectives have been improved through the use of AI in real world scenarios

Define use cases applicable to your business

Identify which of your existing services & processes will most benefit from AI capabilities

Data maturity assessment

The lifeblood of any AI project. Before embarking on a PoC you need to identify the sources, quality and quantity of data available applicable to the identified use cases

Next Steps

Using the output from the workshop, we will work with you to define a Proof of Concept around one of the identified use cases. This PoC will provide you with an excellent demonstration of the value of data science and how it can transform your decision making & unlock previously unknown data relationships.

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