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First came Software-as-a-Service, followed by Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service.  Today, Database-as-a-Service (DBaas) is giving companies a leading competitive edge.


Time is money

Solutions that genuinely demonstrate the ability to free up significant amounts of time for the existing workforce are worth their weight in gold.  A recent study of the Database as a Service (DBaaS) user landscape revealed that “time back” was the number one benefit for developers.

This time makes a real difference for companies and is immediately utilised profitably: the second highest benefit reported by new DBaaS users was “the freedom to focus on new features”.  In other words, it helps companies compete.

DBaaS’s exponential success continues and the reasons are quite simple.  As well as freeing up time, DBaaS enables businesses to deploy new databases quickly, securely, and at low costs.  As Javier Puerta, Oracle’s Director of Core Technology Partner Programs for EMEA, puts it nicely:

“Database as a Service (DBaaS) offers organisations accelerated deployment, elastic capacity, greater consolidation efficiency, higher availability, and lower overall operational cost and complexity.”


Database admin vs Managed service

DIY database users invariably end up becoming database admin workers, facing a plethora of demands on their time which can result in a fractured and discontinuous workload: Repartitioning, replicating, recovering, resizing, provisioning, monitoring and integrating. Against this, DBaaS users are in practice given the freedom to concentrate on one core thing: developing. That in reality is what they signed up for in the first place.

DIY database users have to endure time-consuming and tedious, manual processes.  Continual changes are a necessity for new businesses to adjust to the associated infrastructure maintenance and optimisation.

DBaaS users report time savings, less complexity and more scalability, all at a lower upfront cost.  Access to managed support is also important, cutting back even more on overhead costs and reducing the risk of errors.


Managing your data in the cloud...


DbaaS Benefits

There are several other key reasons why so many IT organisations are finding DbaaS cost effective.

Reduced database sprawl
DBaaS lets organisations make the move from administering a complex collection of silos; each requiring their own care and patching to being powered by an agile and flexible database cloud.

Rapid provisioning
With DBaaS, users can begin new development whenever they need to.  The likes of Oracle Database 12c enable the cloning of an existing database in minutes.  Using DBaaS for the very first time is also a positive experience.  80% of users reported their DBaaS solution was deployed in under a day.

Often synonymous with cloud, ‘scalability’ is most often cited as the main reason why enterprise users move to DBaaS; this is indeed one of the major benefits that users come to enjoy.  Cloud enables instant, failproof allocation of resources in a monitored environment where overloading is never a concern, enabling companies to scale-up and down resources as necessary while never having to pay for more than they use – known as a consumption model.

Enhanced security
Only a few years back, security was seen as one of the main reasons not to use cloud, whereas today security is understood to be one of the main cloud drivers. This is mainly due to its off-premise, constantly monitored nature. Additionally, maintaining each database in a separate ‘container’ creates a kind of virtual moat for added security.

DBaaS today delivers deep management and automation capabilities that span the entire Database cloud lifecycle, from configuration and change management to performance diagnostics and tuning. Administrators now have the ability to identify and consolidate pooled resources, setup role-based access, define the service catalogue, and related chargeback plans for reporting purposes.  DSP can take on all of this for you, freeing up even more planning and development time.

Proven cost-savings
DBaaS removes the overhead required to keep databases running continuously.  The upfront cost is also low, which helps when building a business case for a move to DBaaS.

Database licensing can be a minefield and cloud adds to the complexity. DSP are experts at navigating the minefield and ensure that all the worry is taken out of licensing for you.


DBaaS Experts

DSP have deep expertise in DBaaS across vertical sectors and geographies.  We’ve managed many successful migrations and are adept in helping companies to build robust and inclusive business cases to drive through seamless transitions.

We also offer continuous maintenance services perfect for managing the life-cycle of mission-critical database and application environments, whatever platform they are on. This is built upon automated patching and testing of your applications in pre-production environments before releasing the changes into production.

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