Migrating your database

Azure Cloud Migration

At DSP, we pride ourselves in holding the highest accreditation’s within Microsoft and Oracle; and all of our DBA’s know the cloud and its workings like the back of their hands. This is why we are so confident that you will find benefit from the cloud. Our experience not only spans mainstream Oracle & SQL Server databases, but also alternative structures provided by NoSQL and Big Data technologies such as MongoDB, Couchbase, Cassandra and Hadoop. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll help you kick start your journey to the cloud.

  • Optimised Costs – As cloud computing is more cost effective meaning IT overheads will be reduced significantly, optimising costs as it is more of a pay as you go cost structure; maintenance, software, licensing etc cost are all picked up by the cloud provider meaning your data will be in good hand and at a reduced rate.
  • Higher usage for extra demand – For clients who have data that is regularly accessed, the cloud allows you to scale the database up or down in high usage periods to deal with the extra demand.
  • Faster time to market – Thanks to the Cloud you’ll be able to swiftly move your new/ existing applications straight to market.
  • Local datacentres – Now available within the UK, organisations must abide by certain legislations to store their data in the country of origin. Higher availability coupled with constant database back-up and recovery allows for geo-regional, secure data storage.

Migrating your database into the cloud with Azure, offers access to a broad collection of integrated services accommodating a variety of languages and operating systems. It is a large, long-term decision, but also a significant step forward in terms of productivity and security. Migrating your data will not only produce the immediate benefits of lower infrastructure costs, improved disaster recovery, but the opportunity for flexible collaboration thanks to instant access wherever you are.

Azure provides the tools, guidance, and partners to simplify your cloud migration, offering you the agility, security, global scale, and cost efficiencies you need to take advantage of a secure and reliable infrastructure with industry-leading availability. Your cloud migration could be friction-less.

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