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Document Creation Application

The Challenge

A customer was responsible for managing documentation across 51 hospital sites, where packs relating to consultant and practice speciality were to be produced once a year and approved/collated for print and online publishing on a centralised platform. This was an arduous manual process taking several months and required each hospital to collect their data before submitting it for approval. A centralised reporting and document management solution was required to cut out the manual labour, reduce time to publish and streamline the entire process.


The Solution

  • We developed an application that was performant for large data retrieval
  • Based solely on PL/SQL
  • Easy integration into the application
  • Can be called from different front ends/technologies
  • Simple PDF creation with dynamic images, reports, and shapes
  • Print high- and low-resolution images
  • Entirely managed by the end-user

We know that a one size fits all approach doesn’t always work for our customers – you can’t always find what you need off the shelf! This is why every application is designed around your bespoke requirements and desired outcomes.

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss how a bespoke/fixed scope development project might work for you!

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