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Industry: Energy

DSP optimises the multi-technology approach for an Electricity Distribution Company


Read below how the team of experts at DSP integrated Oracle and Microsoft technologies for ease of access and security. 

Oracle Access Manager (OAM)
Oracle Internet Directory (OID)
Microsoft Windows Active Directory
Microsoft Windows Native Authentication (WNA)


Our customer is a national electricity distributor who co-ordinate local electrical delivery, metering and substations, with responsibility for ensuring supply lines remain operational. They service large UK domestic and business energy suppliers and the collection of smart-meter data, used for billing purposes. Their industry performance and budgeting are strictly regulated by the energy regulator OFGEM.


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The Challenge

The customer had a network of multiple, but siloed applications with thousands of individual sign-ins and security methodologies which made for highly inefficient processes and reporting. These applications operated across both Oracle and Microsoft platforms which exacerbated the complexity.

The Solution

DSP were appointed to conduct a streamlining exercise to identify user access to the customer’s applications and associated databases. We did this using pioneering techniques and the by creating documentation where it didn’t already exist.

The core component technology utilised was Oracle Access Manager (OAM) which also required use of Oracle Internet Directory (OID). Oracle OID was used for, storing users synced from Microsoft Windows Active Directory (which were used to login to the SSO environment with their ‘AD’ credentials) and for Oracle Forms & Reports, to store the database login, which was linked to the above account. The accounts were synchronised from Microsoft Windows Active Directory to Oracle OID, using the LDAP protocol and OID queries ‘AD’ when a user logs in to get the password. In Microsoft Windows Native Authentication (WNA) there was a requirement to synchronise a Kerberos ticket between the OAM server, the ‘AD’ server and the user’s client machine. Oracle OAM & OID also required a database repository to store the environment configuration.

The Result

At the conclusion of this exercise, the DSP team delivered a neat and intuitive solution for a large user base, drastically reducing complexity and streamlining processes.

Why DSP?

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