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SQL Server
Industry: Financial Services

SQL Server Upgrade for Financial Services Organisation


Discover how DSP assisted with an SQL Server upgrade project for a financial services organisation to modernise and improve processes and customer service.

SQL Server Upgrade


Our customer is a financial services organisation based in the UK. They’ve achieved success by providing innovative products and a seamless banking experience to their 1.6 million customers. However, their SQL Server estate was outdated and required an upgrade to meet the business's needs. They chose DSP to help with the upgrade because they the expertise and specialist knowledge that we can provide.


The Challenge

  • The organisation's SQL Server estate was outdated
  • They didn't have the expertise to carry out this upgrade themselves 
  • They required a specialist third-party provider to assist them

The customer's estate comprised 600 SQL Server 2012 databases supporting approximately 200 applications. Their SQL Server estate had become outdated and required modernising and a migration to new infrastructure to meet the current and future needs of the business. They had completed the discovery phase and produced design and migration documentation in-house for an upgrade to SQL Server 2019. However, they felt these plans needed verifying by an external expert and had concerns about the compatibility of their applications with newer technology. They also didn’t feel they had the expertise in-house to manage the upgrade process itself and so were looking for a specialist provider to assist with this.

The Solution

  • DSP helped the organisation to upgrade their infrastructure to SQL Server 2019
  • Provided the customer's team with the most up-to-date, relevant knowledge

DSP worked collaboratively with the customer's team to review their plans and make additional recommendations. Following this, we assisted with the upgrade of their infrastructure to SQL Server 2019, ensuring it was conducted in a seamless and secure manner. A key part of this project was also knowledge sharing with the customer's team to ensure relevant users were proficient with the new technology from the outset.

The Result

Following a successful migration process to SQL Server 2019, the customer's infrastructure is now better equipped for their current and future business needs, meaning they can now offer their customers improved services and opportunities.

Added Value


The organisation had experience with SQL Server, but needed an external expert to modernise and migrate to new infrastructure. DSP provided their expertise and successfully upgraded their infrastructure.

Knowledge Sharing

As well as the upgrade, DSP also shared their advanced knowledge with the organisation to ensure that their team were well-equipped to handle the new technology from the outset.


Why DSP?

  • We provide a team of experts with vast collective knowledge
  • Flexible and reliable support
  • We have helped thousands of customers efficiently upgrade their SQL Server databases to the latest versions whether they be onsite, in the Cloud or part of a hybrid solution.
  • We deliver innovative solutions to help you make the most of your IT investments and, of course, to ensure your mission-critical databases and applications are optimised around the clock

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