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Data mart expansion and Power BI migration for Government Energy Distributor

Government Energy Distributor Power BI Case Study

Read how DSP designed and developed Power BI dashboards to improve our customer's business intelligence capabilities.

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Our customer is a government-based energy distributor that supplies places around the UK with electricity and gas. They selected DSP to help them move data onto their data mart with Power BI, in order to improve their business intelligence solutions.

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The Challenge

Our customer had a data mart that was only focused on the needs of the finance department, therefore they wanted to expand the data mart to serve other areas of the business. As a trusted partner, they selected DSP to carry out this work. The challenge involved consolidating all data sources into a single data mart, migrating Power BI data sources, and creating diverse dashboards covering various subject areas.

The Solution

DSP executed a comprehensive solution to accommodate the customer's requirements, designing and developing several Power BI dashboards for subject areas ranging from voltage consumption to asset management. We gathered company-wide reporting requirements and prepared design documents for the expansion of the data mart. We also designed and developed Power BI dashboards and reports based on the requirements of stakeholders.

Our approach entailed:

  • Requirement Gathering: We engaged in a thorough process involving document analysis and client consultations to source essential data and meet their reporting needs.

  • Data Modelling: Upon identifying relevant data, we crafted the data model in a star schema format to support the dashboard.

  • Dashboard and Report Design: Aligned with stakeholder requirements, we designed and developed Power BI dashboards and reports, ensuring precision in their content and functionality.

  • Dashboard Implementation: To enhance data insight, we defined key performance indicators (KPIs) and inspected measures and columns for inclusion in Power BI tables. We built reports/dashboards, which spanned various subjects, including voltage consumption, IT audit, authorisation reports, business planning, and asset management (this is a critical report and continues to be managed).

Throughout the process we conducted "show and tell" events, where we presented the reports to the client, facilitating a feedback loop. This collaborative approach allowed for adjustments, tweaks, and the incorporation of additional features to meet the client's evolving requirements.

The Result

The dashboards have improved the client's business intelligence capabilities in several ways. For example, the authorisation report has streamlined the process of granting authorisation to workers, and the voltage reports help the customer identify and investigate voltage issues. Furthermore, the business plan reports help to track the customer's progress towards their goals and identify areas for improvement. And the asset management reports help to manage their assets more effectively. Overall, DSP's solution has saved the customer time and money and improved their ability to make informed business decisions.

We are still working with the customer to expand the data mart and are confident that this will continue to provide them with valuable insights and help improve their business performance.

Added value

Improved business intelligence capabilities

DSP's solution expanded the data mart, introducing Power BI dashboards, which offer a comprehensive view of KPIs and significantly boost the client's business intelligence capabilities.

Streamlined processes

The implementation, notably the authorisation report has streamlined the process of granting authorisation to workers, and the voltage reports help the customer identify and investigate voltage issues.

Saved time and money

The dashboards have saved the customer time and money by automating manual processes and providing them with the information they need to make quick and informed decisions.



Why DSP?

  • As a CSP Tier 1 Partner, DSP can offer deeper engagement and added value through end-to-end specialist service
  • DSP can help you navigate Power BI, enabling you to visualise and analyse data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding
  • With Power BI, we can help your business reduce costs, reduce waste, and improve efficiency
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