Oracle Support

How it works

DSP’s Oracle Support provides one of the most advanced Oracle Support Managed Services in the UK today. We have achieved this through a blend of outstanding technical know-how combined with industry leading monitoring and reporting capabilities wrapped around a team of our pro-active account managers.

Our alert reporting solutions has been built from the ground up with the ability to monitor any database appliance environment. By implementing a ‘traffic light’ system, we are able to deliver tolerance alerts to ensure issues can be resolved prior to any form of business impact – giving us the ability to react quickly around the clock.

Due to the breadth and scope of our services, Oracle Support from DSP can be delivered in a variety of ways depending on your need and preference:

  • Continuously through numerous remote access methods
  • On the phone and through our ticket support system
  • On your premises

By connecting your infrastructure to our Support Operation Centres via secure site-to-site VPN using the latest encryption connection techniques, our customers have peace-of-mind that their mission critical systems are 100% secure and in safe hands.

Oracle Support is core to our managed services and we can enhance this service through:

  • Regular Oracle Health Checks
  • Bespoke Reporting
  • Performance Audits
  • Capacity planning
  • Security intrusion testing


Oracle Support - Core Services


Oracle Support - Core Services


Oracle Support - Core Services


Oracle Support - Core Services


Oracle Support - Core Services


Oracle Support - Core Services