JDA on Oracle

Oracle Support

Pedigree in JDA on Oracle


JDA implementations and customisations is an area DSP excels in. We are the UK’s leading Oracle Platinum Partner with a proven track record of customer success. Our services are employed by over 100 enterprise and mid-sized clients to reduce IT costs and increase the resilience of their critical Oracle-based applications.

The availability of your JDA application, whether on-premise or in the cloud, is our priority and our Oracle support team has the tools to manage, maintain, support and administer your JDA environment around the clock.


Innovation? It’s in Our DNA

Technology is changing, the market environment is changing, customer needs are evolving. We provide you with support solutions and a philosophy of ‘continuous maintenance’ to take advantage of this changing environment.




We can help you quickly resolve issues and train your staff to use JDA’s products in the most efficient way.



If your business processes require customization of the JDA system, we are your best choice.



9.x is more than an incremental release and fundamentally changes the user interface and other processing.

Continuous JDA Uptime

Our JDA on Oracle support service involves extensive proactive monitoring to keep your database optimised. All of this work is performed remotely by Oracle Certified Professionals who are regularly trained, constantly keeping up to date with shifts in technology and functionality.

We’re not just Oracle specialists - we are trusted Oracle experts.