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Are you interested in finding out what it is like to work for DSP? Learn more about the experiences and careers of some of our employees.

Steven Martin

Steven Martin

Job Title

SQL Server Consultant

Start Date

November 2021

What I do

As an SQL Server Consultant, we do not generally have a 'typical week'. Customers reach out to us for various reasons, from SQL Server Health Checks to large-scale upgrades and migrations. We work with customers from the project's inception, gathering requirements and providing detailed high and low-level designs to fit the unique needs of each business. We build bespoke solutions, either on-premise or in the cloud and ensure any downtime, as a result of the work carried out, is kept to a minimum. Best practice relating to security and performance is at the heart of all work carried out by our team.

Why I chose DSP

I chose to work for DSP because they are at the forefront of the latest technology. Investing in cloud technology and encouraging employees to work towards certifications in their speciality is a sign of a company that values career progression. 

What I like best about my role

I have the opportunity to work on both large-scale projects and short customer engagements. Utilising all aspects of SQL Servers functionality keeps my role very interesting.

My greatest achievement whilst working here

I have been working with a customer who wants to migrate from a current stand-alone instance to a solution which provides high availability and disaster recovery capabilities. The current instance publishes data to several other servers, which all need to be upgraded simultaneously, and the work must be completed with minimal downtime. As there is about 6TB of data, the planning stage of this project has thrown up many challenges, but once this is live, it will be a great project to have delivered.

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DSP Customers

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"Selecting a company like DSP is the best option as you receive a tailored database service. Generalists are not focused on the aspects required.”

Chief Executive Officer | EDM


"We live and breathe this every day but it was really impressive how quickly DSP got on board with our systems and processes in order to start delivering results from the outset."

Head of Infrastructure | Zopa


"Our relationship now is so much more than just client-and-supplier; it is a genuine partnership. It’s more valuable to us as it means we grow and develop as an organisation while working with DSP."

IT Manager | BRITA UK