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Interested in a Migraton from MariaDB to MySQL?

Don't struggle on your own, our experts can help you conduct a seamless MySQL migration to the best platform for running your mission-critical workloads.

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Migration from MariaDB to MySQL

At DSP we are acknowledged experts in MySQL migrations. Our motto is ‘Any Database | Any Cloud’ and we have been delivering data management migrations, consulting, and support for over 25 years. We have seen it all and can help you manage and execute a successful migration, avoiding the pitfalls that a badly planned migration can throw at you.

Since MariaDB 10.0, MariaDB has diverged significantly and none of the modern advances in MySQL 8.0 are available in any version of MariaDB. MySQL Enterprise Edition provides a proficient database for mission-critical systems; whereas, MariaDB does not have the capabilities to run mission-critical systems with no single point of support.

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Azure Database for MariaDB Retirement

Azure Database for MariaDB is scheduled for retirement by September 19, 2025. Microsoft has decided to invest their flagship offering of Azure Database for MySQL, taking advantage of the advanced features, performance and improved architecture of MySQL, including more ways to optimize costs.

We are offering comprehensive MySQL support, migration and consultancy to ensure you are up-to-date with Azure's advancements.

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Thinking about migrating from MariaDB to MySQL HeatWave?

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Here's what you need to know... Many companies choose the dynamic, industry-standard MySQL HeatWave database for its exceptional security, high...

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MySQL Migration

From design and architecting to managing your MySQL database in the long term, organisations come to us because they know that their mission-critical project is in a safe pair of hands. Explore our MySQL Migration capabilities and start yours today.

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Discover MySQL Products

MySQL Enterprise Edition

We offer guidance and support on all aspects of migrating to MySQL Enterprise Edition working in partnership with your in-house team to make it a success.

More about MySQL Enterprise Edition

MySQL HeatWave

One MySQL cloud database service for transactions, real-time analytics across data warehouses and data lakes, and machine learning (ML).

More about MySQL HeatWave

Take a look at one of our MySQL projects...

Fareham College: MySQL Database Management

Discover Fareham College's MySQL integration and management project delivered by DSP with the aim of reducing the costs of accessing historical reporting data.


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