With over 30 million MySQL installations worldwide, it’s is no suprise it’s the world’s second most popular database (behind Oracle Database).

Also, did you know that the World’s top 5 websites are powered by MySQL Enterprise Edition? So there’s really no disputing it’s performance and scalability…

When should you consider MySQL Enterprise Edition (EE) over Community?

With the new GDPR legislations coming into force on the 25th May 2018, businesses and organisations must determine and review the applications running on MySQL Community Edition.

As a top line assessment, there are three key questions which should be asked to determine if MySQL EE is appropriate:

  1. Is your application mission critical?
  2. Does the application hold important proprietary information which is valuable to your organisation?
  3. Does the application contain ‘personally identifiable information’? (PII in GDPR speak)

If the answer is yes to any of the above, we strongly advise that you request a MySQL GDPR review, as the likelihood is that you are not going to be GDPR compliant.

It’s not just GDPR which should raise concerns, it’s also risk to business operations… Upgrading to Enterprise Edition for a small cost would provide many advantages over the free Community Edition including:

  • Transaction Data Encryption or TDE (A GDPR Requirement).
  • An ‘Enterprise class’ firewall.
  • Any ‘built-in’ monitoring (there are open source tools available but they don’t provide the same level of functionality or integration).
  • The ability to deliver Audit Trails (A GDPR Requirement).
  • Online or real-time back up.

In addition to the above, having MySQL Enterprise provides the following level of support:

  • Unlimited and ‘follow the sun’ support from one of the worlds largest software vendors.
  • Responsive bug fixes – as critical headline security vulnerabilities are identified.


If you’re interested in moving to MySQL Enterprise or have any MySQL GDPR questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

As a MySQL Partner, Oracle Platinum Partner and Oracle Cloud Partner, we are one of the UK’s leading providers of MySQL consultancy, support and licensing.

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