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Oracle Cloud Hardware Refresh

Oracle Cloud PaaS Security

Is it time to refresh your Hardware?

There are many reasons for refreshing your hardware. It can become unreliable, you may have hit capacity limits, or it could be under-performing. Perhaps you’re thinking about moving to the Cloud, but you don’t feel able to do so as the pressure of managing ageing hardware is a greater priority. You could see Cloud as the opportunity to resolve these issues but worry that planning and orchestrating a Cloud migration will be more challenging than simply refreshing hardware.    
If you're having sleepless nights because of your hardware...
  • Is coming to the end of its life
  • Has experienced a recent hardware failure
  • Shows compliance and security risks
  • Is low on capacity and performance

...then it may be time to talk to a trusted database service provider like DSP to see how you can refresh your outdated hardware.

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Can Hybrid Cloud help with Hardware Refresh?

The essence of Hybrid Cloud is that it’s an extension of your on-premises infrastructure, and it’s worth noting that Hybrid cloud doesn’t necessitate a full data centre migration.  Therefore, by using a hybrid model you can start small, meet immediate requirements, and slowly migrate if necessary.
The hybrid Cloud model is flexible in terms of utilisation and cost if implemented correctly, and can provide the first steps to modernising your environment (click here for more on Modernisation).

Considering your options within Hybrid Cloud

The ability to select the relevant networking connectivity, IaaS and PaaS platforms, and licensing models to suit your business is key in this solution.  This level of flexibility is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve entirely on-prem.

Hybrid Cloud and hardware refresh is an opportunity for you to not only refactor your environment but also optimise your commercial and licensing models.  Speak to DSP's certified Oracle experts for a better understanding of what your options are and how you could use Hybrid Cloud to utilise them.

Why move?

Capital investment in new hardware without any notion of Cloud will effectively shelve any Cloud plans for three to five years.
Hardware refreshes, capacity planning, and more flexible commercial models provide a great opportunity to improve the TCO of your estate and build an infrastructure for the future.

Why Now?

There's never been a better time to use a hardware refresh as a catalyst to help you on a journey to the Cloud.
Done right, a Hardware Refresh utilising Hybrid Cloud can allow you the best of both worlds: you can de-clutter your infrastructure and make the most of your existing hardware, whilst making the most of the flexibility of Public Cloud.

Why Choose DSP?

DSP provide best-in-class technical and commercial capabilities to help you build your hybrid solution. 
We have a strong track record in Cloud migrations and certified solution architects across all three major public Clouds, but above all the desire to help our existing and future clients.   

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