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Are you looking for Oracle Cloud Modernisation and Consolidation?

DSP is a leading Oracle Cloud Modernisation and Consolidation partner. We help customers achieve performance and value, to realise their digital vision.

Oracle Cloud Modernisation and Consolidation

Is your estate growing beyond your control?

Oracle Cloud modernisation and consolidation don't necessarily mean growth - but done properly, it is key to maintaining a healthy environment.

Maybe you’re thinking… 

  • Do I need to consolidate?  
  • If so, what should I consolidate? 
  • How should I segment or compartmentalise my applications? 
  • What can I modernise without expensive regression testing? 
  • Can I improve security and performance with modernisation?

In short, the answers to the first and final of these questions are most likely yes and definitely.

The rest will depend on your estate, the size of the operation, and your own capabilities, but don't worry - whatever the size and complexity of your environment, DSP can help you to design a more agile and efficient home for your databases and applications.

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What does Modernisation mean to you?

Public Cloud is a key enabler to modernisation and consolidation. However, many organisations find themselves growing and gaining in complexity when in fact they wanted to become more agile, efficient and flexible.

This is where consolidation becomes a vital part of your arsenal against the enemy of efficiency - clutter. Public Cloud is an endless tap of infrastructure to utilise, but it won't necessarily modernise your estate.  You want to modernise your estate rather than grow it!


Have you thought about ‘Modernisation-as-a-Service’?

Our solution architects have helped clients migrate workloads into Public Cloud solutions and enable different elements of modernisation.  These have been everything from simple application upgrades to re-platforming programmes on Public and On-Premises infrastructures.

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Why move?

Platform-as-a-Service – be it Autonomous Data Warehousing, Exadata Cloud Service, or Database-as-a-Service, all provide modernisation benefits. 

These benefits are realised through reduced systems management; automated provisioning and patching, and standardisation, giving improved efficiency and cost reduction. 

Why Now?

IT sprawl came hand in hand with virtualisation, which at the time was only bound by physical walls.  Cloud has removed those walls, so there is a danger that IT sprawl could exponentially increase. 

Modernising before this happens is key to ensuring that there are no potentially harmful bugs hidden away within your estate.

Why Choose DSP?

Our solution architects can assist you on the journey to the Cloud to ensure you make informed decisions on how best to modernise and consolidate your estate.   

We can provide both technical and commercial assurance in a modernisation and consolidation service which gives organisations clarity on their IT roadmap.

Take a look at some of our cloud projects...

PRIMEdge: IFS ERP application to OCI

PRIMEdge migrates its IFS ERP application to an OCI hosted solution with DSP.


London North East Railway: OCI Build and Support

DSP conducted an OCI PoV and migration for LNER with ongoing support which resulted in reduced data loading speeds and improved scalability.



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