Oracle Licensing Webinar...

11:00am, Tuesday 15th October 2019

How compliant is your Oracle licence estate? This webinar will cover the basics of Oracle licencing and delve into several key areas of concern for customers, including the licencing of virtualised environments, policies for disaster recovery systems, and licencing in public cloud environments such as Azure and AWS.

Register today to understand how Oracle’s licencing policy may affect your business, and how DSP can help.

  • Oracle Licensing Webinar
  • Oracle Licensing Webinar
  • Oracle Licensing Webinar


This webinar will discuss the following common concerns about Oracle Licensing...





Oracle Licensing: the basics

  • Which areas of Oracle Licensing could affect your business?
  • How can you make sure that your business is compliant?
  • Unbudgeted cost exposure: the risks of not being fully compliant





Key concerns for customers

  • Licensing in Public Cloud environments like Azure and AWS
  • Properly licensing virtualised environments
  • Policies for disaster recovery systems






How can DSP help?

  • How we can help you safely navigate Oracle's complex licencing rules and policies
  • Bespoke advice from our Oracle-accredited team