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Industry: ISV

Root-5 selects DSP as their Oracle database managed service provider

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Following other APEX and Database in OCI projects, Root-5 moved away from their existing managed service provider to DSP.

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Root-5 is an ISV based in Aberdeen, Scotland, in the Energy, Hazardous Waste and Global Equipment Rental industry sectors. Their team of experts provide specialist software solutions for environmental data management and legislative reporting, as well as best practices for managing hazardous waste (e.g. the removal of asbestos).  They also have a solution which manages the complexities of equipment package rental, utilisation, and ROI. Root-5 approached DSP to deliver an Oracle APEX and Oracle Database in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) project to support their application 'Tracker'.


The Challenge

Root-5’s Oracle-hosted 'Tracker' product was being supported by a third party, but they were not satisfied with the level or quality of service they were receiving. As a result, they decided to appoint a new, reliable partner to deliver full DBA support, management of the hosted environment, and application support for their APEX application configuration.

Root-5 was aware of DSP through prior work together and our expertise in Oracle APEX, which their previous provider struggled to provide. They also knew that DSP offered experienced, knowledgeable, and highly available DBA services that were difficult to find elsewhere.

The Solution

DSP worked closely with Root-5 to understand their requirements and develop a cost-effective solution customised to meet their unique requirements. Then, DSP project-managed the transfer of services from their previous provider. Since then, we have continued to work with them, providing 24/7/365 Oracle DBA support, patching, vulnerability scanning, and monitoring.

The Result

DSPs provision has ultimately reduced costs while maintaining a dependable, round-the-clock service and their application 'Tracker' is now fully supported. Root-5 now benefits from consistent, secure, and performant delivery of their proprietary service to customers with a low code, declarative, and responsive application development platform. 

In the future, DSP are also well-equipped to help their development team directly with Oracle APEX, as needed, when the demand for development increases.

Added Value

Cost-Effective Optimisation

DSP developed a customised, cost-efficient solution tailored to Root-5's needs. Once successfully implemented, this ultimately reduced overall costs while maintaining service quality, freeing up resources for other investments.

Always-on DBA support

Our proactive and preventative managed services tools reliably manage, maintain, support, and administer Root-5's Oracle database environment around the clock so they can focus on other priority areas of the business, assured in the knowledge their infrastructure is safe with us.

Increased Security and Reliability

DSP provided 24/7/365 DBA support, patching, and monitoring. This improved security posture, enhanced platform performance, and reduced downtime, ensuring a dependable service for customers.


Why DSP?

  • We are a leading independent Oracle Partner, with over 25 years experience
  • Over 200 companies rely on our Oracle database support, saving up to 70% on IT costs and increasing the resilience of their critical applications
  • Our bespoke services mean that our customers, like Root-5, always get the best solution to suit their requirements

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