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What are your options when SQL Server 2014 Extended Support ends?

As an experienced Microsoft Partner, DSP can help you review options and take steps to modernise your database to ensure your long-term security.


SQL Server 2014 End of Extended Support:

With extended support for SQL Server 2014 ending on 9th July 2024, organisations who use this technology urgently need to choose the modernisation path that's right for them, before their infrastructure becomes compromised, leaving them vulnerable to security breaches.

For many organisations, a Cloud-based solution will be the most performative and cost-effective, but on-premises upgrades are also a viable option.

DSP is a Microsoft Partner with an established track record of helping our customers navigate the complicated world of database modernisation. We can help you establish the right options for you, be that an upgrade, the Cloud or extended support. We’ll also help with any migrations and can offer ongoing advice and support to ensure you always get the most from your database.

Many organisations have made use of our specialist services because they know we’ll help them get it right first time, at speed, and utilising best practices to achieve performance and value from their database architecture, now and for the future.

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What are you options?

Remain on SQL Server 2014

While it may mean you no longer meet regulatory requirements, many organisations will choose to remain on their existing product. If this is something you're considering, it's essential to bring in a specialised provider like DSP to help you securely manage your database.

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Migration to Azure SQL VM

If you require server-based SQL Server then moving to an Azure SQL VM gives you the option to either upgrade SQL Server version or, if your workloads require SQL Server 2014, Microsoft will provide free Extended Security Updates (ESUs) for 3 years to keep your databases compliant.

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Migrate to Azure PaaS

Migration to Azure PaaS solutions removes the headache of support forever as Microsoft updates SQL Managed Instance and Azure SQL DB to the latest SQL Server version. We can run a simple Migration Assessment and recommend the Azure SQL deployment option that best fits your workload needs in the most cost-optimised solution, whilst flagging any migration risks and providing mitigation recommendations.

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Upgrade to a later release

If you want or need to remain in an on-premise set-up, upgrading to a later release of SQL Server will ensure you’re ‘covered’ for longer. Of course the more recent the product, the longer the lifetime. The most recent release, SQL Server 2022, ends Mainstream Support in 2028 and has Extended Support until 2033. We can carry out an assessment to find out which is the best option for you and help smooth the transition to your new version.  

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If Azure is not an option then Extended Security Updates (ESUs) can extend compliance as a last-resort. Azure Arc agents can be installed on your VMs hosted on-premises or in other Cloud environments to allow the purchasing of ESUs for the associated VMs. Azure Arc also provides access to the Azure control plane for these VMs.  When you connect your SQL Server with Azure Arc, you'll also receive a regular Azure SQL migration readiness assessment so you can assess a future migration to Azure.

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