SQL Server Database Monitoring

As companies are downsizing and workloads are increasing, in-house DBA’s are now often being asked to support other IT issues rather than concentrating on the database environment itself. This present’s potential risk to the organisation as the database is not being monitored and due to this database failures could start to become more regular.

Here at DSP, we have been monitoring Microsoft SQL Server Databases from the offset, working on all versions from the first right the way through to present day edition. Our Expert DBA’s team up with our in-house database monitoring solution to proactively scan our clients databases, whilst monitoring the entire environment to ensure the smooth running of your IT system 24 hours per day.

Our SQL Server Monitoring Solution allows you to get peace of mind knowing your database is being looked after by a trusted Microsoft Gold partner with years or experience. Our light weight” monitoring solution means we can customise it to your database and observe the parts of your environment that really matter to you; whilst delivering constant database health checks and reports without having to sacrifice valuable time.