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Searching for a proactive Cloud Managed Service?

Organisations that have moved to Cloud often don’t have the capacity to manage their cloud environments effectively. DSP Cloud managed services can help, providing a flexible and scalable solution that meets the specific needs of your business.

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Cloud Managed Services

Effective Cloud management is key to achieving your overall business goals. That's why it's important to choose a cloud managed services provider that aligns with your needs and objectives. DSP is a Gartner-recognised Cloud Managed Service provider who is committed to working with you as an extension of your existing team, providing as much or as little support as you require.

DSP provides expert and cost-effective Cloud Managed Services. We specialise in Oracle, Azure and Google Cloud, but we work across all database and Cloud platforms. We work with you to build a managed service that meets your specific needs, including help desk support for rapid issue resolution, hosting, configuration, implementation, and security. Our Cloud Managed Services give peace of mind as well as enabling your resources to focus on other activities that support your organisation’s ambition. We value our long-term partnerships with our customers and are committed to ensuring that your Cloud environment is straightforward, cost-effective, and a reliable foundation to support your wider business.

We understand it’s important to choose the right Cloud Managed Service provider for you and your organisation. Get in touch today to see if we are the right fit for you. 

National Trust Circle

Through their processes and ‘can do’ ethos they have delivered support environments that are of such a high quality and up-to-date - overnight in some cases - that enables us to be much more efficient in diagnosing and resolving issues. This has meant that the Trust can now start to do CRM rather than just talk about its systems." 

EBS Programme Director | National Trust

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Some of our Cloud Managed Services Customers

Key Features of our Cloud Managed Service

Flexible Services

We offer flexible solutions for your unique Cloud management needs: Outsource or Co-source.

Outsource: Entrust your entire environment management to us. We handle all aspects of database administration, ensuring stress-free management at all times with significant cost savings.

Cosource: Our collaborative approach makes us an extension of your team, taking on routine and time-consuming tasks. We provide round-the-clock support at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional personnel, freeing up your internal team to focus on other areas of value.

Proactive Monitoring and Incident Resolution

We aim to ensure the uninterrupted performance of your Cloud infrastructure. We know that prevention is better than cure and always aim to solve problems before they become issues.

Our advanced monitoring systems keep a vigilant eye on your Cloud environment, detecting potential issues before they impact your operations. When incidents do occur, our expert team springs into action, quickly resolving issues to minimise downtime and impact, ensuring functionality is restored.

Security Standards

The security of your environment is paramount and we demonstrate our commitment to keeping your environment safe by meeting stringent security standards. Our ongoing certifications in ISO 27001:2013 and Cyber Essentials Plus show our commitment to upholding the highest information security standards. Security best practices are ingrained in our culture, and all staff undergo regular  training to keep security at the heart of our operations. Our dedicated Group Risk & Compliance Manager ensures that security measures are consistently implemented and improved to address evolving threats.

Streamlined Onboarding

Our Cloud-based managed service provision begins with a detailed site review, so we understand your specific database environment and requirements. We then provide a dedicated take-on team to guide you through the onboarding process, working with your former supplier if necessary. You'll have access to our Customer Resource Portal with tutorial videos on how to raise tickets and service requests. Our joint execution plan is carefully compiled, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned and expectations are clear.

Integrated Cloud Managed Services

Many organisations have an amalgamation of different database and Cloud platforms. Increasingly vendors are making collaboration easier, such as the Oracle-Azure interconnect, but it can still be complex and difficult to effectively manage integrated infrastructure in-house. DSP, as an certified expert in several database and Cloud platforms can assist with configuring and managing a streamlined environment.

Regular Health Checks

Regular health checks are a fundamental part of our Cloud Managed Service, ensuring the continuous optimisation of your environment.

We conduct thorough assessments to identify any areas that require attention, from configuration settings to database objects.

Our health checks are designed to keep your systems running optimally and reduce the risk of performance bottlenecks.

Proactive Database Performance Tuning

Our team of expert DBAs specialise in proactive database performance tuning.

We go beyond monitoring and actively identify and address potential performance problems.

Through tuning, we ensure that your Cloud environment always delivers peak performance to support your wider business functions.

Backups, DR Testing, Patching and Security Audits

We take a holistic approach to Cloud management, including critical tasks like backups and disaster recovery testing. Our team ensures that your data is securely backed up, and we regularly test your disaster recovery plans to guarantee rapid recovery in case of loss.

We also manage patching to keep your database systems up-to-date and secure, while security audits help safeguard your data from threats.

Management Information Reporting

Stay informed and in control with detailed management information reporting. Our reports provide valuable insights into your environment's performance, empowering you to make data-driven decisions. With comprehensive reporting, you can track the health and performance of your databases over time.

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RPC UK Circle

"DSP worked with the RPC technical resource team to fully design, develop and test the solution before go-live and continue to be a key part of our service, through providing exceptional support to RPC that allows us to provide the same level of support to our own customers."


Stripe Circle

“Stripe has managed to make a seamless migration to Oracle Cloud and that has been enabled via DSP through their MSP programme. They have been instrumental in this transformation."

Business/IT Consultant


Key benefits of our Oracle Database Managed Service

Reduce Costs by up to 70%

Using an outsourced managed service provider, in whole or in part, enables businesses to achieve substantial cost savings through economies of scale and reduced training costs.  Typical cost savings are around 40%, however, we have saved some customers up to 70%!

Eliminate Single Points of Failure

With DSP, your Cloud environment is in the hands of a team of skilled DBAs, eliminating the reliance on a single individual and risk of inevitable human error.

Liberate Internal Resources

Empower your internal IT team by freeing them from administrative tasks. Our comprehensive database management will not only optimise database performance but also boost efficiency, allowing your IT team to focus time and energy on new initiatives.

Access to the UK's best DBAs

Take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of our UK-based team of database administrators. With a combined experience of over 200 years and more than 100 Oracle certifications, we are confident that we boast the best group of Oracle DBAs in the country. Our dedicated professionals are prepared to assist you with any database-related obstacle you may face, whether that's performance optimisation or troubleshooting.

Automated Support Process

Our efficient support framework use state-of-the-art technology to streamline issue resolution and administer support ticket management.

With our innovative approach, we minimise response times and maximise customer satisfaction, meaning customers can focus on their core operations while we manage their support needs. 

Out-of-Hours Cover

The average DBA works 252 days a year, for 8 hours a day, totalling 2,016 hours annually. Of course, its a huge worry about what happens if something bad happens when they're not there. Our expert team of DBAs at DSP can be available at all times, adding up to 8,760 hours a year! That means your database environment can receive an impressive 6,744 extra hours (equivalent to 281 extra days!) of dedicated support each year with out of hours support.

Take a look at some of our Cloud Managed Services projects...

London North Eastern Railway

DSP delivered an Oracle Cloud and ADW Data Ingest project for LNER, improving scalability with an ongoing managed service


Manufacturer and supplier of knife sharpening equipment successfully moves its IFS application to an OCI hosted solution and managed services.


EPoS Logic

Leading pharmaceutical supplier selects DSP to design and implement their migration to Microsoft Azure with an ongoing managed services.


South African coal producer and exporter implements Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with ongoing managed services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I really get an instant ROI?

The short answer is yes. The ROI could come from the fact our contract would be cheaper than hiring your own team of internal DBAs, or from the ROI you'll get from the optimisation of your environment.

On average, a database managed service can cut your costs by 40%, however, we do have cases where it cuts costs by up to 70%!

How do you guarantee high levels of service?

Legacy support is straightforward, but how do you cope with supporting Oracle databases in cloud environments?

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