Database Managed Services for Application Providers

Database Managed Services for ISV
Database Managed Services for ISV


25 Years of Database Managed Services Experience

DSP-Explorer have 25 years experience of database managed services, whether that's on Oracle, SQL Server, or other databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, or Postgres. Database support is at the core of our business as it's where we began. 25 years later, we are proudly the UK's leading database managed service provider.

At DSP-Explorer, we have a dedicated ISV Practice, who work with application providers day-in, day-out. 

We provide two database managed service propositions for ISVs. Firstly, we can be wrapped in as a value added service to compliment your service offering, where we monitor and support your end users database environment. Secondly, we can provide support services directly to you to supplement your own database skills, allowing you to focus on your application development.

Discover more about our database managed services below to understand what makes us an industry leader!

Next-Generation Database Managed Services for Application Providers

Database Managed Services for ISV


Oracle and Microsoft Specialists

DSP-Explorer are proud to have Oracle MSE (Managed Service Expertise) and be a Microsoft CSP (Cloud Service Provider), this puts us in a unique position being the only UK partner to have both accreditations!  Subsequently, whether your environment is deployed on Oracle or SQL Server, we have the experience and knowledge to support your estate.

With 25 years experience in both Oracle & Microsoft technologies, there is no better partner to trust your environment support with.

Database Managed Services for ISV


Preventative Analytics

At DSP-Explorer we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure, and our team of DBAs work to that mantra. Working with you as an addition to your business, we ensure your environment is always running as efficiently as possible. Our database managed services include state-of-the-art actionable insights and predictive analytics, meaning we can act before the problem develops. 


Database Managed Service for ISV


Instant Return on Investment

Depending on your environment, a database managed service typically reduces your IT costs by anywhere between 40 and 70%! This is a main reason as to why our database managed services are so popular with application providers, because the money saved can be invested into innovation, enhancing your application, time to market and overall service. All these benefits contributes to adding more value to your customers. How would you invest the cost savings?


Database Managed Services for ISV


A 24x7x365 Service

At DSP-Explorer, we have UK teams based in London, Leeds, Nottingham & Basingstoke and internationally in Bulgaria and Japan. Our award-winning teams of DBAs work around the clock, so you don't have to. Monitoring your customers (or your own) estate overnight so that severity 1 issues can be dealt with immediately, limiting any impact on their (your) business.

Database Managed Services for ISV


Guaranteed High Level of Service

At DSP-Explorer we take support very seriously and therefore we continuously monitor the performance of our services enabling us to work to defined SLAs. A priority scale is maintained to provide customers with responsive support to reflect the urgency and impact of the incident.


Database Managed Service for ISV


Access to Technical Data Analysis

In addition to scheduled service review meetings and monthly reports, DSP-Explorer offers portal access for technical data analysis, trend reporting and real-time monitoring view in a single pane for all supported technologies.

  • Real time technical statistics
  • Access to historical metrics for trend analysis
  • Reporting – On-demand via a secure customer portal

The portal can be customised to suit specific requirements or technology.

Customer Success

We partnered with an IT Recruitment Software provider to support their customers database. By doing so, we saved the ISV approximately 40% in cost, which they then re-invested into their application development. The burden of 'keeping the lights on' has now been removed, allowing them to fully focus on innovation and customer service.

Key Features of our Database Managed Services for Application Providers

We understand that every ISV will have unique support requirements, even though many could use similar technologies. In its most simplistic form, our database managed services are a DBA lead monitoring suite that allows us to react to issues in a flash. However, all of our managed services are bespoke to the application provider - service provision, SLAs, commercial structure all comes down to your business requirements.


Typical Elements of a Database Managed Service for an ISV include:


  • Site Review & On-Boarding Service
  • 24x7x365 Performance Monitoring & Alerting
  • Monthly or Quarterly Database Health Checks
  • Pro-active Database Performance Tuning
  • 24x7 Hotline Support Service
  • Access to Technical Data Analysis
  • Automated Patching and Continuous Maintenance
  • Backup, DR, Hosting, Cloud-enablement and Security auditing

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I really get an instant ROI?

The short answer is yes. Whether that ROI comes from the fact our contract would be cheaper than hiring your own team of internal DBAs, or the ROI you'll get from the optimisation of your environment.

On average, a database managed service can cut your costs by 40%, however, we do have cases where it cuts costs by up to 70%!

How do you guarantee high levels of service?

Our SLAs don't just focus on Break/Fix. Talk to us about our pro-active analytics and meaningful visual metrics which demonstrate the difference we are making over time.

Legacy support is straightforward, but how do you cope with supporting Oracle databases in cloud environments?

Our support systems are platform agnostic. In our opinion delivering a successful support service comes down to a well planned service take-on; we spend more time than most in getting things right from the start.

Can you support my customers environment?

Yes. Often, we find ISVs may not have the skills or bandwidth to be able to monitor their customers environments as well.  Our support can be wrapped in as a value-added service to compliment your application provision, where we monitor and support your end users database environment, leaving you to focus on the application.


A selection of our Oracle Expertise

ISV Database Managed Services

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