ISV Database Health Checks

Database Health Checks for Application Providers
Database Health Checks for Application Providers

Database Health Checks for Application Providers

Poor application performance is often linked to underlying issues within the database. To ensure your application is running optimally, it's important to have regular database health checks to ensure a performant and secure system.

One of our many offerings to ISVs, is to offer database health checks to your customers, either as part of a managed service or on an ad-hoc engagement as required.  By ensuring your application is running on an optimised database, you'll provide more value and better user experience for your clients.

Who better to partner with than DSP-Explorer - we have 25 years experience which has allowed us to perfected our health check offering. We are extremely proud of our next-generation, data-driven database health checks, with embedded machine learning.

Read on to understand what makes our database health checks stand out from the rest, and how they will add value to your service offering.

Data-Driven Health Checks


At DSP-Explorer, our database health checks are fully automated. Our machine learning system is able to store information and, over time, spot trends in the types of issues your customers routinely face in keeping their databases running.


If your customer has an issue with their database and it's causing poor application performance, we are able to run rapid database health checks to help identify where that issues lies.

Database health checks are advantageous to your customers because they are a safety net; when combined in a managed service they'll help to prevent any customers database problems becoming actual issues. Prevention is better than cure!

Due to the machine learning we have embedded within our database health checks, they are a real investment as they will continue to improve over time as the data set grows. Meaning your customers will feel comfortable in knowing their environment is regularly checked, and that you application will be running on a fully optimised database.

Powerful Reports for your Customers


Your health check results will be presented to your end users in a powerful report designed for both technical and non-technical minds.


Consumer Level

DSP-Explorer have created a powerful report which adds value to both technical and commercial audiences. When working with ISVs we are able to co-brand this report for your customer. 

Not everyone is technical, which is why part 1 of our report is aimed at a non-technical audience. We simply score your customers database out of 100, across 4 different sections: performance, recovery, implementation and manageability. This gives an easy to understand overview of where any problems may lay and where focus needs to be placed.

ISV Database Health Check



Technical Reporting

Following on from the scored overview above, the technical report digs down into further database analysis, looking at which checks have passed and failed. 

ISV Database Health Check

The report will also refer you to relevant articles to further explain any recommended changes in more detail. 

Health Checks Plans are Bespoke to each ISV


Our Database Health Checks plans are bespoke to each individual ISV


We can offer database health checks as a wrapped service to your customers, where we can agree a repeated schedule of when best suits for our health checks to be carried out. Alternatively, we can work with you on a one-on-one basis of when it is appropriate, scheduling health checks as required by your customers.

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ISVs that are interested in database health checks are naturally interested in performance tuning. Discover more about our ISV Database Performance Tuning. The database health check identifies what passes and fails within your environment, and the performance tuning is a bespoke dive into the problem areas.

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