Machine Learning Services for Application Providers

Machine Learning Services for Application Providers
Machine Learning Services for Application Providers

Taking ISVs to the next level with Machine Learning

You've built a state of the art application which solves business's problems, however, is your business truly optimised? With DSP-Explorer's machine learning capabilities, we offer a range of data science led services. We often take application developers data and applying machine learning to provide insights which will allow you to make data-driven decisions and ultimately enhance your business.

Read on to discover what machine learning services we offer to application providers.

Machine Learning Consulting

One of our in-house machine learning specialists from our data science practice will become your dedicated aid. Their aim will be to discover what you want to answer with your data, or give you options of what we can typically learn. Your data will be uploaded into Oracle's Autonomous Warehouse where it will then be analysed and modelled. Your dedicated data scientist will then write up a comprehensive report answering your questions with data.

You can then work with DSP-Explorer to build your own machine learning solutions with deep learning algorithms. 

We can tackle supervised or unsupervised learning, so whether your data is already labelled or not, DSP-Explorer can support your business in making data-driven decisions, with machine learning consulting bespoke to each application provider. 


ISV Machine Learning Services


GDPR Compliance

We understand that a lot of ISVs will have the in-house capabilities to build their own machine learning solutions, however, machine learning models must follow data traceability, retractability, and personal identifiability laws.  Speak to DSP-Explorer to ensure that you aren't at risk of any large fines and that your machine learning models are GDPR compliant.

ISV Machine Learning Services


Data Wrangling

Do you have multiple sources of data, but at face value it isn't useable for modelling? With our data wrangling service we can group together and cleanse various raw data sources and make them suitable for modelling.

Typically this is one of the most technical, time consuming but also crucial elements of data science so it's important to use a specialist such as DSP-Explorer to get it right. 


ISV Machine Learning Services


Exploration and Data Visualisation

As part of our comprehensive service, our data scientists can support you in exploring where your data can best provide you with value depending on your specific business needs.

 Using tools such as Oracle Data Science Services and Power BI, our team of data scientists specialise in providing visualisations which depict trends and data outliers in a concise and meaningful manner so you can capitalise on the wealth of your data. These visuals can be tailored for internal or external use, to either a commercial or technical minded audience.

ISV Machine Learning Services


ADW Machine Learning vs Biff and Gray’s Sports Almanac

Want to discover more about our machine learning capabilities? Check out this webinar which was one of the most watched keynotes at Oracle Open World 2019. One of our data scientists explores whether we can use machine learning and Oracle's autonomous database to predict the future!

ISV Machine Learning Services


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ISVs typically produce more data than the average business, so make sure you're taking advantage of it! There is gold in your data! If you're interested in machine learning, make sure to discover our ISV Database Health Checks - powered by machine learning.

Speak to DSP-Explorer, for a one-to-one discovery call to explore how our machine learning services could benefit your business. Also, take a look at all of our ISV Support and Services offerings to discover more ways to accelerate your business.

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