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MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse

Faster, cheaper and simpler.

MySQL HeatWave
MySQL HeatWave

MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse

MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse takes flexible storage of unstructured data from a data lake and the management features and tools from data warehouses, implementing them together as a larger system. This enables customers to process and query hundreds of terabytes of data in object store in a variety of file formats. Lakehouse delivers real-time, secure analytics without the complexity, latency, and extra cost of ETL duplication.

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MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse

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Why MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse?

Benefit from MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse, simplifying processes with no need to move your data to data warehouses.

  • Run queries faster
  • Increase data volumes
  • Various data types and workloads

MySQL HeatWave Datasheet

Everything you need to know about the No.1 Open Source Database in Oracle Cloud.

How can DSP help?

Our reliable migration and consultancy services will guide you through any classification of database movement, getting your database optimised for MySQL HeatWave.

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MySQL Consultancy Services

What can MySQL do for you

What can MySQL do for you?

On-demand Webinar

Our MySQL experts offer their take on the pros and cons of all MySQL editions, giving you the intel and tools to assess which one is right for you and your organisation. This webinar will have the answers to all your questions and more.


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